50 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

Now that I have your attention…

let’s dive into 50 ways you can start to strut around with Beyonce level confidence. Just kidding. Not about Queen B – but the 50 tips…

those ‘50 tip lists’ never work, they’re way too long. We’ll start with 4. Sound reasonable?

Alright, let’s dive in. Confidence isn’t handed to you. No one can give it to you – and it can’t be bought or borrowed. It’s internal. You control the master switch. And it’s up to you to activate it. 

So let’s activate it. The practices I’m going to share today are physical, so they all involve actual movement or certain body positions. If you’re already rocking one strategy, awesome, just move on to the others and take what you need. Also, this is an ACTION post. You must take action. #doireallyhavetosaythis

Commit to following this for ONE day, yes you read that right. And then, keep going. But start with just one day, so your brain doesn’t talk you out of it with “I’m too busy to do this for 7 days.”

4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

Walk –Walking outside for 60 minutes a day is an absolute game-changer. Going for a daily strut will not only boost your confidence, but it will boost your energy and creativity too! But don’t take my word for it – test it for yourself. Observe how you feel before AND after your walk. What changed? One more thing about these daily walks, please don’t get too caught up in the length of time your walks end up being. For some women, 20 minutes is do-able and feels good, and for others, 90 minutes feels good. You do you, my friend. 

Dance – crank up the tunes and dance to a song that moves you on an emotional level. It could be an upbeat song; however, I find when I listen to a heartbreaking 80’s song (oh the 80’s) my movements are different, in a good way. I connect to it more. So, experiment and notice how your body feels moving to an upbeat song compared to a slower song. There’s no right or wrong song to dance to, just tune in to how it makes you feel and move. 

Power Poses – these are so easy to do and take just a few minutes, it’s just a slight re-positioning of your body. I’d aim for 3 minutes in the position. Just google ‘power poses’ and you’ll see what they look like, pick one. My clients love to do these at work, I do too, and after just a few seconds you’ll feel very “ooh yeah!”

Intimacy – get out of your head and into your body. And connect with your partner or yourself. There are no rules here, it’s obviously a private experience. The only guidance I’ll offer is the following question: What would make you feel loved and sexy at the same time?

As you can see by my 4 tips above – confidence is CREATED. 

You can create just as much confidence as everyone else, but if you’re always giving your power away to things outside of you, it’ll be challenging to build it up. Confidence has been there ALL along, patiently waiting, silently supporting, and willing you to activate it. 

AND, the fastest way to turn that switch ON is by moving your body. 

It doesn’t matter how you move; any movement will do. Because when you move your physical body, in any way, shape, or form your physiology changes, your thoughts change, your emotions change, your energy changes, and your vibration changes. 

Amazing, isn’t it?!

You’re creating confidence in your mind, through your body. And it can take as little as a few seconds. YOU, my friend, hold the key to feeling confident in your body and life! And it starts with moving your BODY. 

So, how are you going to move your body and create more confidence today?

Sonja. Xo


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