How To Face Those Who Challenge My Brand

“What you are willing to face when those who challenge your brand see what’s missing?”
As I was going through model applications to represent Modern Match Lingerie, my photographer, Emily Jane Photography, asked this question and it scared the shit out of me.  Why? Because the selections I make will portray my brand message of empowering all women.  That is HUGE! It also scares me because, despite receiving the best business tips from top business leaders, I’m a professional at playing it safe. Here are some of the top tips to remind myself to play outside of the safety net:
  • Never get comfortable, do what scares you.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be vulnerable.
  • Remember it’s not about you, it’s about the women you serve.
I still feel scared. Since day one, I complained that there is a serious lack of diversity in skin tones and body types in stock imagery. Have you noticed?  Before I had photos of my own product, I would spend hours scouring the various sites searching for women I wanted to represent my social media feed.

I am a woman building a brand that creates inclusivity for ALL women.

A year ago, I surveyed 100 women to educate myself on buying habits: what they love and what they didn’t, and how lingerie made them feel. When I asked what color of lingerie they purchased, the top responses were black, white, and nude. The most challenging color to produce as a lingerie line is nude. If you want to highlight what is wrong with the lingerie industry, it’s this right here. I’m in an industry that has whitewashed the nude color.

It was then I vowed to never produce a nude bra until I could afford all the shades of nude. 

Thankfully, there are a few lingerie brands (examples if you will) that rose to the top of a multimillion-dollar industry for strategically representing all skin tones and all shapes.  Even though I personally can accept brands, businesses and people will make mistakes, it’s terrifying to know I too will learn the lessons of failure… more than once. That when I allow myself to show up authentically, vulnerable and wanting to play a big game, there are going to be times I will not get it right. My window of opportunity is learning and growing from the possibility of missing the mark. I can confidently self-assess, “Am I willing to listen to what’s being asked of me and am I growing because of it?” How are you viewing failure? Are you leaning into the idea of the opportunity it’s going to create? What is scaring the shit out of you right now? Let’s be vulnerable together.


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