How to Stop Emotional Eating, NOW.

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I’ve had so many people reach out to me for help with this topic, so as promised, I’ve written this just for YOU.

I could do a 3 hour workshop on this – but I’ll keep it as short and solution focused as I can. I don’t love the verbiage of emotional eating, as ALL eating is emotional… because humans ARE emotional. And, when people come to me about emotional eating, it’s typically the OVER eating, that’s the problem.

So the phrase I’m going to use is emotional overeating.

To begin with, emotional overeating is just a pattern you are in, it isn’t YOU.

Just like when you’re in a pattern of drinking lemon water each morning. It’s a PATTERN. So first take the shame, guilt, out of it. And just let it be a pattern of behaviour. Ok? Awesome.


*Pro tip – If you really want to change, grab a pen and paper, and write down your answers.


When do you do this?
A certain time of day?
Certain situations?

I find emotional overeating happens for most people from 4pm-10pm. Our brain is starting to reach a state of decision fatigue as the day turns into night, and it’s looking for MORE calories to keep thinking and making decisions. Mental energy burns calories.

2. WHY.

Why don’t you want to keep repeating this pattern? If you don’t have a meaningful reason to stop, you won’t.


Are you actually hungry?
Or stress eating? Or bored?

We’re looking for your triggers here.


What can replace this eating pattern? Eating raw crunchy veggies instead? Or mindfully taking 5 breaths?

Emotional overeating tends to come on fast and strong. When that craving hits, the easiest thing to do it STOP. And take 5 deep belly breaths. This brain and body re-connection is important, as it’s the brain that controls your eating behaviours… So dropping back into your BODY with the breath, lowers your stress level, and helps you think clearly.


Make sure you have healthy food stocked up that you actually enjoy. Have it prepped and ready to eat. THIS is key. Everyone eats differently, however for myself I know eating high protein, moderate fat, and moderate carb, works best. (with loads of veg and fiber). Experiment with what works for you!


Refrain from emotional overeating for ONE day. Yup, one. We’ve all said something along these lines… “that’s it, I’m never eating donuts again!” And yet we still do. So, take the pressure and restriction OFF, we know that doesn’t work. Instead, after your ONE day of not emotional overeating, your brain will have PROOF that you can do it. And then, your subconscious mind and identity can be positively influenced from that ONE change. And THEN, you can repeat that new pattern the next day, if you choose. I find it’s most effective to keep eating behaviour change, in the present. One day at a time.


1. Eat well today, and refrain from emotional eating/overeating.

2. Comment below that you’re committed to doing this for one day! And tomorrow comment again below, that you did it!

Just ONE day. Are you in?

Click HERE to read How to Stop Emotional Eating – PART 2!

Sonja. xo


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