The Best Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

Photo of TV with Netflix logo on it and hot cup of cocoa on coffee table. The Best Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix.

The Best Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix that’ll have you glued to your screen.

I am always on the hunt for the best binge-worthy shows on Netflix, and I am sure you are too. We’ve all been there–especially with the way last year went…

You’re home on a Friday night clicking through Disney Plus, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, trying to find a new show to binge watch, there’s a tub of Ben and Jerry’s

Getting ready to watch one of the best binge worthy shows on Netflix, with some ice cream!

in your right hand, you’re in your comfiest PJ’s while your partner is out for the evening–FINALLY–allowing you to soak in some alone time.

Well...if that’s never been was me in early January–hi, my name’s Veronica!

Anyway, I kept seeing this one particular show blowing up on social media, first it was trending on Twitter, then it was all over my Instagram, and then my friends were in my messages telling me that I NEEDED to binge it.

It’s always kind of blown my mind that social media can literally blow ANYTHING up, pronto.

Guessed what the show is yet?


Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton.

After weeks of hearing, seeing, and reading about it...I finally gave in. After binging the whole series, I would now say this was one of the best binge worthy shows on Netflix...anyway, at that moment I decided I would join the bandwagon of Bridgerton lovers...I mean I needed something to binge, right?

Woman watching one of the best binge worthy shows on Netflix, in her bed.

Okay, so at first this show kind of bothered me...and I think that it continued to slightly bother me throughout the entirety of its steamy sex scenes, racial innuendos, and poor treatment of women. Here’s why.

The women in the show are depicted to only be necessary for one sole reason. To provide an heir. I mean, yes, that’s our history as humans. But as a progressive female, it just irked me to see the way we were once wild ideologies from 200–TWO HUNDRED years ago have still managed to seep into society today! It also made me grateful for the progression we've made as women–something we owe to generations of women before us– it also made me grateful to the women who continue to fight for equality.

There’s one part in the series where Daphne–the main character–is explaining that if she doesn’t find a proper suiter, she has nothing else to live for. She goes

Woman in wedding dress getting carried by her husband on field.

on to explain that her reputation, and that of her entire family rests on her shoulders, she says she grew up looking forward to they day she would be matched with her perfect suiter...she explains that marriage is all she has. This broke my broke my heart because I was, at this point, pretty invested in the show...and if the Duke, Simon didn’t marry her...her reputation would be ENTIRELY ruined! It also broke my heart because I realized that in some places on this earth that mentality still somewhat exists, in different alterations, but is still around.

At this point I was pretty convinced that this was one of the best binge worthy shows on Netflix because I was entirely hooked.

See, it was the softcore porn aspect that got me. Do you remember watching 50 Shades of Grey? Do you remember how everyone thought it was going to live up to the book...until it didn’t? Well, I haven’t read Bridgerton...but I AM SURE the show must  ALMOST live up to it! It is quite a steamy situation. I was genuinely enthralled by it!

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The entire time you are rooting for the Duke and Daphne to get fall in love...and then it seems like it happens...and then it doesn’t...and then it does, and then it doesn’t...again!

It’s a sexy show. It really is...and I have to admit that’s probably what kept me watching.

Bridgerton is racial.

As a woman of Hispanic and LatinX descent I quite liked the fact that this show

White and black coloured hands reaching out to touch each other.

was racially provoking. I love that one of the main characters in this show is black. I love that he’s a DUKE, I love that the Queen is black, and I love how throughout the show they sprinkle in that the only reason they are accepted to hold these titles–which historically is not what–is because of the queen, who married a white man.

I love it.

I love that it shakes things up...I love that it made me question how much more progressed we’d be as a society IF that had actually been the case 100, 200 years ago–I’m no historian, so please correct me if I am wrong. 

All in all this was a great show to help me escape reality for a little while.

So much so that that tub of Ben and Jerry’s that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, yeah, it was gone within the first hour of the series.

So, are you looking for the best binge worthy shows on Netflix? If you are, then you really, REALLY, really should add Bridgerton to the list.

While escaping reality, it also allows you to think critically about feminist issues, and racial issues as well.

-Veronica Beltran recently joined the Modern Match Lingerie Team. Veronica has been a vegan for three years and has a passion to help inspire others through her social media to take the leap into the #plantbased world. While advocating for animal rights, she also advocates for the environment.

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