Behind The Rise Of The Bra Bra Sisterhood

Shauna Allan Bra Bra Sisterhood

Hi! I’m Shauna Allan!

If you know anything about me it’s that I’m a female empowerment trailblazer who loves to get lost in a good book and worships coffee like it’s going out of style.

Shauna Allan Bra Bra Sisterhood

I’m also a proud hard-working step-mama of three kids alongside my husband, Bruce. We live in Canada where I designed my lingerie line, Modern Match Inc. 

In December 2018, I started a blog to learn how to be vulnerable in an online space. Seriously. I was a wannabe entrepreneur powerhouse armed with a business coach who empowered me to be bigger, better, stronger. 

Perhaps you heard about my community, the Bra Bra Sisterhood.  It is what I’m most well-known for, after all. Long before I was designing lingerie, interviewing for the Sisterhood Spotlight, or facilitating the exclusive group to Modern Match, I was a blogger. Wait… can I repeat the fact that I was a wannabe? 

The online space requires authentic connection and story… up until that moment I had a serious inability to show up vulnerable in fear of judgement. You’ve been there before, right? It took a BIG glass of wine, a cozy space in my living room, and a lot of rewrites to get the first blog out there. I wanted to write something that was cool but not stuffy. I wanted to write stories personal to me that were emotional but relatable. They had to provoke thought and inspire my community, but not at a level that was unachievable. Also, I needed the mental space to accomplish these things in a reasonable amount of time. As my business grew so did the amount of content I needed to produce.

Here on my blog, you can find posts dating back to the inception of my entrepreneurship journey… It’s kind of a diary for my life. From my older posts to the newer (and perhaps more inspired) posts on everything from my favorite pieces of lingerie, to how you can positively change your life.

My intention with this site remains the same across all my platforms…I want to empower you to make your life better.

Layer by layer we continue to unfold these juicy little details in order to grow our community! 

Bra Bra Sisterhood

That’s when I decided to open to the doors to many far and near to spread their words of wisdom, stories and incredible journeys.

Here on the blog, you’ll discover tons of posts with entirely free content. I hope you find it helpful.   I invite you to check out my other sites and social feeds which all have different content to share.  Above all please remember this… no matter what industry or path you chose for your life, whether you are career-focused, family-focused, or both, you being a woman is what brought you to where you are.

Your personal and professional roles in life do not define you. The opinions of others do not define you.

You define you!

You don’t have to be an accomplished blogger or accredited writer in order to get your story out there. If you have something to share, and you think it will benefit our community, then email us your pitch and our team will review and get back to you.

The world deserves to hear from you!


Shauna Allan


-Shauna Allan is the founder of Modern Match Lingerie Inc. and The Bra Bra Sisterhood – armed with a cup of java and her favourite pieces of lingerie, she hosts a safe space where women can simply just be women! Join our community here

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