Canadian designed wireless bras that are supportive and comfortable
A Canadian lingerie brand that uses sustainable materials in every collection
Our Story

Modern Match Lingerie is on a mission to show women that when we wear bras and underwear for ourselves and are comfortable, we carry ourselves confidently. The armor under our clothing helps us hold our heads a little higher, and our superpower shines brighter.

Founded in 2019, our founder, Shauna Allan, is the visionary behind the brand with a big purpose: to provide women with supportive, comfortable , and confidence-boosting intimates. She set out to create the technology where women would not only feel supported but feel sexy as well.

It's about having your cake and eating it too ;)

Our why

"I designed this brand in memory of my mom, who, like many women, was really great at putting others before herself and giving her love away. She didn't leave a lot of time for self-love, and it eventually cost her her life.

After suddenly losing my mom to heart disease, I now dedicate my life to showing women that when we save a little love for ourselves, we can better show up for those around us and inspire true impact."

- Shauna Allan - Founder

A Canadian lingerie brand made with sustainable fabrics
Modern Match is committed to designing comfortable, supportive wireless bras for women Modern Match believes every women deserves comfortable, supportive, wireless bras

The percentage of people wearing the wrong bra size. Poorly fitted bras can seriously mess with your posture and health. Research shows that an ill-fitting bra can lead to chronic pain, especially in the neck and back. Plus, the strain it can put on your shoulders and upper back, ouch! Changing your bra can change your life.

Our comfort technology ensures you get an accurate fit that doesn't quit. Look good while you feel great with the support you can rely on.

Supporting Sustainability

At Modern Match Lingerie, our dedication goes beyond making you look and feel great; it extends to our profound commitment to sustainability.

We are continually fine-tuning our strategies to reduce our environmental footprint, demonstrating our unwavering care for the planet.

When you choose to shop with us, you're not just buying fashion; you're nurturing a brand that deeply cares about making a positive difference for all.

front closure wireless bras that offer support

As a proudly Canadian, locally-owned brand, we're passionate about championing our fellow local businesses through meaningful collaborations.

These partners honor our local infrastructure and open doors to increased economic opportunities. Together, we celebrate the essence of our community, brining everyone together.

Women-owned lingerie brand in Canada

The Modern Match collection, created in our British Columbia office, embodies our unique approach to design.

We start by sketching styles, selecting materials, and defining size ranges. Working closely with a designer in Los Angeles, California, we produce technical packs and grading, and our all-women manufacturing team in Hong Kong, sets us apart.

Committed to caring

At our core, we're dedicated to philanthropy and actively work with charitable organizations such as United Way of Northern BC, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, Phoenix Transition Society for Women, Advocating for Women and Children (AWAC), and the Prince George Native Friendship Centre.

Find bras that fit at Modern Match Lingerie from our wireless bra collection and supportive bras feel confident knowing you're buying a bra that fits for your body. Shop our wireless bras for a supportive fit
Trusted bras that fit

What sets our lingerie line apart is our innovative sizing. Unlike traditional brands that rely on mathematical equations based on small size, we prioritize a more personalized approach.

Our founder personally tests each new style for fit and comfort, ensuring it accommodates the demands of a woman's day.

We also rigorously fit each size on a model, recognizing that structural changes can occur with varying breast shapes.

Prince George, BC

Prince George, BC, Canada is home to Modern Match Lingerie. This is where the magic begins -design work, where we house our inventory, packaging orders and work with our wholesale partners.