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The Woman Behind The Brand

Searching for more in life and wanting to make a deeper impact in the lives of women, Shauna Allan grabbed hold of the lingerie industry’s reigns and created a brand founded on community and empowerment.

Lingerie And Empowerment

How we feel on the inside dictates how we show up on the outside.

We are putting sentiment back into your lingerie repertoire because we believe that the items that sit closest to our skin have the power to make us feel amazing.

With lingerie designed to merge comfort and sexy, you’re able to gear up for the day feeling beautifully confident. Tackle the day knowing you won’t have to stop to readjust–and with the confidence and strength, you may not have known you had.

A Better Tomorrow

Sustainability is a journey and one we are continually refining. Because we’re a brand that puts things into the world, it’s important to always be giving back to our planet.

Embrace your beauty and your confidence will shine through.
Community Minded

Founded on community, empowering women is at our core. This is why we’re more than a lingerie brand.

Through our monthly Empower Hour’s featuring guest speakers, presentations, and mingling with like-minded women from all over the world, to our blog featuring guest bloggers from across the globe who want to share their wisdom, and our exclusive Modern Match Facebook Group, The Bra Bra Sisterhood. We live and breathe empowerment, because when you rise, so do we.

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When you rise, we all do.

Feeling good starts with the most intimate parts of you, literally and figuratively.

From being yourself, and embracing every ounce of yourself for who you are, to wearing lingerie that’s undeniably sexy and made to move with you, without you having to think twice about it. We are on a mission to educate and empower you and from there, the life of every woman you ever meet. Empowering women is not a one-woman job, it takes us all. It’s a ripple effect and it begins here with you, now.