Where To Donate Old Bras

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Not sure what to do with your old bras?

No worries! We've solved the problem for you!

Back in 2021 we were going through our inventory at Modern Match Lingerie, and we realized that several of our bras had some minor manufacturing imperfections. The bras themselves still looked incredible, and the minor flaws didn't hinder their functionality but it did keep us from being able to sell them as new. So we hit the drawing board on what we could do with these pieces.

After doing some research we noticed that no one in our HQ's hometown was actively collecting bra donations, so naturally we decided we had to take this on. We put our bras in bins and hit a local women's transition home to drop off our first batch of bras. A transition home is a transition point for many women leaving difficult situations; here they are given the supports they need in order to start fresh.

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Seeing the women first hand, going through our bin and finding their size, smiling, appreciative... it was heart warming and it made us want to continue. This is when we called in the big guns, our very own Bra Bra Sisterhood. In about an hour we had a flood of ideas on what to name our initiative, but one really stuck out, Worthy Warriors. We loved it because every woman is worthy of feeling and looking sexy, every woman is worthy of comfort, and functionality to get them through the day.

We had no idea how well received this campaign would be in our local community. In just one week we had collected nearly 1000 bras! *insert jaw drop emoji* We have since partnered up with the United Way of Northern British Columbia, and any bras that are donated to us go to supporting women right in our community. Since the support from our community was absolutely incredible we decided this should become a global campaign! We're challenging you to go through that bra drawer (if you haven't already) and donate your bras to women in your community!

When it comes to things that marginalized people need, we often forget that bras and even underwear are important necessities. We can assure you that there are women in your community who need that extra later of support, and would forever be in your gratitude for your donations. So where can you donate if you're not in Prince George, BC? Here's how:

What Should I Do With My Old Bras?

what to do with old bras worthy warriors campaign
  1. Find a local charity that might already be taking bra donations. If not, plant a seed and tell them that they should be!
  2. Find a local women's shelter or organization that could use them.
  3. Give them to someone you know! Have a friend who's your size? Ask them if they’d be interested in your bras!

Upcycle Your Bras

Iconic Selena Quintanilla Bra

You can always take your old bras and upcycle them too! If you’ve barely worn them here are some great ideas:

Where To Donate My Bras - Worthy Warriors

At this time for our Worthy Warriors campaign we are not taking nation-wide or international donations. Currently the only donations we can accept are those that are dropped off at our in-store location at 1552 Quinn Street South. Prince George, B.C., CA.

Where: Modern Match Lingerie: 1552 Quinn Street South, Prince George, BC

When: 10 AM - 3 PM Tuesday - Saturday

When Donating Please Follow Instructions Below:

  • Bra must be washed previous to donating
  • We do not accept underwear
  • Bras must be in good re-usable condition
  • No stains/rips/tears

Where To Donate Bras In The USA

Where To Donate Bras In Canada

Have any other ideas or know of any organizations that collect bra donations? Tell us in the comments, below!

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