Worthy Warriors: Donating Bras to Women's Shelters

Modern Match Lingerie located in Canada donates old bras to women's shelters

Let's talk about something we all have in common – those beautiful bras and lingerie pieces tucked away in the depths of our drawers, patiently waiting to see the light of day. Admit it, we've all been there, holding onto these pieces that we barely wore, thinking they deserve a second chance. They're in great shape, probably cost us a pretty penny, and yet, they're just hanging out in the back of our drawers. Well, it's time to bring them back into the spotlight and breathe new life into something that might be destined for the landfill. 

This is exactly where we found ourselves at Modern Match Lingerie.

Shauna Allan from Modern Match Lingerie sorting bras to donate

In 2021, as we sorted through our inventory at Modern Match Lingerie, we stumbled upon a meaningful opportunity. Some of our bras had minor manufacturing imperfections, rendering them unsuitable for retail sale as new items. However, these bras were still in fantastic condition and fully functional. We wanted to breathe life into these perfectly good pieces, so we decided to reach out to a local women's shelter that supports those escaping abusive situations.

Unveiling the Need During Challenging Times

Little did we know the depth of the need. It was the height of the pandemic, and it had led to a surge in alcoholism and domestic violence cases, pushing women's shelters to their limits. Volunteers were overwhelmed, and shelters were operating at maximum capacity. We had pulled back the curtain on the devastating effect of people living in isolation, and it was at that moment we knew we needed to support these women. In response, we donated 600 bras to the cause, realizing our contribution's immediate impact on the lives of women seeking refuge.

Each night, 3491 Women and their 2724 Children Sleep in Shelters In Canada.

The journey of a woman escaping a violent situation is challenging and complex. Women in such circumstances face not only the immediate threat of physical harm but also profound emotional and psychological trauma. It's common for women to leave at a moment's notice with only the clothes on their back. Not only do they have to think of their safety, but also economic instability, legal complexities, and the need for safe shelter. And this is assuming they don't have children to keep safe. Understanding the gravity of these challenges emphasizes the crucial role you and I play in providing support, empowerment, and tangible assistance to the most vulnerable women within our communities. 

Worthy Warriors: A Community-Driven Initiative

Shauna Allan at Modern Match Lingerie holding a bin of bras that were donated by the community

Fast forward to the following year, in October, we gathered as a team to brainstorm additional ways to support vulnerable women in our community. We didn't have the inventory with minor imperfections like we did that prior year, but we knew we still wanted to support these women. We had a handful of customer returns in excellent condition, but we needed more. We decided to reach out to our local customers, asking them to dig into the back of their underwear drawers and donate bras they no longer wore. The response was overwhelming; we donated over 2000 bras that year because of the generosity of people like you.

A Name with Meaning: Worthy Warriors

Eager to give this initiative a distinctive identity, we again turned to our community. The result? Worthy Warriors. It's a name that signifies celebrating every woman's worthiness to feel empowered in their lingerie. The term "warriors" embodies the strength of these women as they navigate the challenges of their journeys.

Perpetuating Change with Permanent Donation Bins

Each October, we reach out to our community to remind them of this cause and call them forward to join the initiative of supporting the vulnerable women in Prince George, BC, Canada. Although it's been a few years since the pandemic, the ongoing need and challenges for women in abusive situations are still present across Canada. Worthy Warriors has become a pillar of the Modern Match Lingerie brand, and our shelters have come to rely on community support; we now have a permanent bin set up in our headquarters for people to donate any time of year. With your help, we can breathe new life into products destined for the landfill. And it's from your generosity that women can experience the effects of beautiful lingerie in their darkest moments. 

Join the Cause: Donate Your Lightly Used Bras

Shauna Allan sorting donated bras to charity under the Worthy Warriors Initiative

As we extend our reach beyond our local community, we invite everyone across Canada, regardless of location, to join the Worthy Warriors cause. Your lightly used bras can make a significant difference in the lives of women in need.

The staff at women's shelters are most often volunteer staff. It's important that we do our part when donating bras rather than creating extra work for the volunteers. Sorting and preparing bras for donation is a thoughtful process that can maximize their impact on those in need.


Here are 5 tips to help you contribute effectively to initiatives like Worthy Warriors:

  • Inspect for Quality:
    • Ensure bras are in good condition, without significant wear or damage. Check that the clasps, straps, and underwire are intact. 
  • Hygiene Matters:
    • Pre-wash your lingerie before donating, for everyone's sake. 
  • Secure Packaging:
    • If possible, use a clear plastic bag to donate your bras. This is for the safety of staff. Otherwise, a paper bag or box would be great. 
  • Include Nursing Bras, mastectomy, and all sizes:
    • Have old nursing bras? There are women who could use them! Nursing bras, mastectomy bras, or any size is always encouraged. 
  • Accompany with Feminine Hygiene Products:
    • Consider supplementing your donation with feminine hygiene products. It's a holistic approach that will address multiple needs. 

Where to Donate Old Bras Across Canada

If you're outside our immediate vicinity, you can still contribute to this impactful campaign by donating to women's shelters across Canada. We encourage you to call ahead to ensure they have room to accept your donation. Here's a list of reputable organizations where you can drop off your lightly used bras:

1. Vancouver, BC

2. Calgary, AB

3. Toronto, ON

4. Montreal, QC

5. Halifax, NS

6. Winnipeg, MB

Make a Difference Today

As we expand the reach of the Worthy Warriors campaign, we encourage you to make a difference in the lives of women across Canada. Your contribution, no matter how small, has the power to empower and uplift. Join us in celebrating the strength and worthiness of every woman as we continue this impactful journey together, one bra at a time. 

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