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Tools you’ll need for this quick and easy exercise:

Soft Tape Measure – If you don’t own one, that’s ok! You can use a string and measure the line when you’re finished. Remember to measure in inchesBe sure to wear an unlined, non minimizing bra

Step 1
Measure the Band Size

Using your tape measure, measure around your rib cage directly below the wire of your bra. Be sure the tape measure sits snug around your rib cage, but not too tight and ensure the tape is the same level around your rib cage. 

Step 2.
Measuring Your Cup Size

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Size Charts

Underwire Bra Size Guide
Bralette and Wireless Size Guide
Panty Size Chart
We're Expanding Our Sizes!

We currently offer sizing in B32 to DD38, and XS to XL. We are growing our line to include even more sizes! Help our design team, and let us know exactly what you want by getting your name on the wish list.

The Fit Test

If you get your new bra home and it’s just not fitting quite right, don’t panic! We have some tips before you return it.  

Your band should sit parallel to the floor. If the back is riding up try loosening the straps. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s likely your band is too loose.If your breast tissue is overflowing either under or over, the cups are too smallIf you’re experiencing gapping cup we recommend the “Swoop and Scoop” method before determining your cups are too big.

Need a Little Extra Support?

Sometimes we just need a little extra support!
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