How long do bras last

How long do bras last

How long do bras last?

Alright, don’t be shy. Raise your hand if you’ve had a bra for over two years. *raises hand* See, you’re not alone, I am guilty of doing it too! However, there is an agreed-upon expiry date on a bra. 
As a woman, I find it quite incredible that we were given this extra breast tissue, yet aren’t taught how to keep it properly supported. As a result, this lack of education had me begging A LOT of boob-related questions, including: How long do bras last?
Well, love, I am here to support you–not exactly like your bra, but in an educational way. I believe that knowledge is power, and by the end of this blog you’ll have so much bra-related knowledge the next time you bra shop not only will you be empowered, but it won't be a chore!

How long do bras last?

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I have done my fair share of research into this and found that the Huffington Post and lingerie experts have the same consensus: 6 months is the average lifespan of a bra. So now you have your stat to the query, ‘how long do bras last’, and now it’s time to get factual.
Ah, ah, ah. Before you roll your eyes at me and tell me “But I’ve had the same bra for years and it’s fine,” hear me out...because I promise you if you’ve been wearing that bra every day for the past 4 is not fine. Hear me out.


Washers and dryers are harsh

Washers and dryers are an amazing invention, however, they’re rough on your undergarmies. Your bra was created with elastic, that’s how it gives you support, stretch, and flexibility. That elastic, when tossed around in your washer and heated in your dryer begins to deplete. Elastic depletion results in stretching of the material and a looser fit over time.

Supporting your boobs is a full-time job

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Your bra is working for you FULL TIME! Ensuring that your breasts stay lifted and supported all day long–sometimes it even puts in overtime–and no, it doesn’t get paid time-and-a-half to do it! Constant bra-wearing also leads to the stretch and movement of fabric over time.

When is it time to get a new bra?

There are several ways to know if you are due for a new bra, as well as new underwear–trust me, you’ll hear them yelling at ya loud and clear. For your bra: looser fit, stains, discolouration, stretched band, stretched straps, constantly readjusting, holes or wires poking out. For panties it is similar: loose fit, discolouration, slipping off your bum, stains, holes.

How to get the most out of your bra

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Don’t you worry, I wasn’t going to answer “how long do bras last” and leave you hanging! I’ve got you, which is why I am going to give you some tips on getting the most out of your bras!

    • Wash by hand: As I explained above, washers and dryers are great...but not if you want to get the most out of your bras and undies. Wash your undergarments by hand with cold water and gentle soap and hang to dry! I cannot emphasize this enough hand wash in cold water, gentle soap and HANG TO DRY! This goes such a long way!
    • Rotate through your bras: Don’t solely use one bra, create a rotation. If you have two bras, rotate through them, this means it’s no longer a full-time job for one, it’s now a part-time job for both and it allows some rest time for bra materials every other day. A two bra rotation would mean you’d get a total of 12 months out of them. The more bras you add to your rotation, the longer you’ll have them for.
    • There are hooks for a reason: Bra hooks aren’t just there to keep your bra on you...they’re also there to help you get the most out of your bra! When you first purchase your bra you want to ensure it’s on the loosest hook, as you and your bra traverse through your journey together you’ll want to tighten the hooks as the bra stretches. This ensures you get a lengthier span of support.
    • Don’t tighten your straps: Okay, do, but don’t. When you first introduce your bra into your undergarments drawer, make sure your straps are comfortably set. You don’t want overly tight straps–because this will stretch the material–but you also don’t want your straps falling off your shoulders! As you embark on your journey with your bra tighten the straps as necessary.

Well, I hope this has answered your question as to ‘how long do bras last.”

Been wearing your bra for years?

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I just want to point out that if you have been wearing a bra every day for the past 4 years, or even every other day for the past 4 years, and still don’t believe me. I dare you to purchase a brand spanking new bra and tell me that you don’t feel a difference, because, baby, there should be!

There’s nothing like the support and comfort of a brand new bra enveloping your lovely bosom.

Veronica Beltran: Is a former journalist and news anchor turned bra expert at Modern Match Lingerie. On her spare time she enjoys interviewing people of all walks of life, is an avid learner, YouTube creator and content creator for various brands.

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