How to Hide Back Fat

How to Hide Back Fat

Back-boob, lumps and bumps. Nobody wants them, but most of us have them because…well… that’s what bodies do, and it’s completely normal! I have helped hundreds of women find the right bra for everyday use or special occasions, and I’m here to tell you we ALL share some sort of body insecurities and back fat is a popular enemy! We can be so hard on ourselves, can’t we? If you find yourself craving those smooth lines under your clothes and want to hide your back fat, I’ve got some tips for you but first…

Is lingerie different then my everyday bra?

Lingerie serves many purposes like protecting our clothing, it supports our bodies and providing us with a bit of modesty. For centuries women have been wearing lingerie under our dresses to help make their clothes fit better, and now we can add to the list that lingerie is also a powerful tool to boost our self-confidence. But the one thing I can tell you for certain is that a bra that fits right can be life-changing. 


Without foundations, there can be no fashion” – Christian Dior.


The obvious answer to getting those smooth lines would be shapewear, and although I own a few pieces myself, this article is for those who don’t want to rely on squeezing their bodies into shapewear. It’s not always a comfy option for your day-to-day routine. Here are my top lingerie features to help smooth the lines. 

Hiding back fat with the right bra
  1. Look for high-back bras to hide the back fat. Bra bands that come up higher under the arm and around the back can help avoid back-boob, lumps and bumps. 
  2. The structure under the arm, like boning, can help keep things smooth and supports the body. 
  3. Boobs come in different shapes and sizes, and knowing what style of bra works best for you is equally important. If the cup fits, but you can see where the cup ends and the boob begins it's likely that you have fuller breasts on top. I would recommend a fuller cup.


Lingerie isn’t about ‘fixing’ a body

Nor should it be uncomfortable to wear. We are finally living in a time where we get to have our cake and eat it too – comfortable AND sexy lingerie! 


It’s time to donate the bras that are stabbing you in the chest, ditch the underwear that doesn’t stay put and give yourself a quick confidence boost with bras and lingerie that are supportive, comfortable AND make you look/feel like a million bucks! 

If you're wanting a little extra support finding your perfect bra, the Modern Match family is here to help! Message as on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email. 



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