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Become a contributor for Modern Match Lingerie

Empowering women is not a one-gal job! We are always looking for contributors who are interested in supporting us in creating a community of empowered women! Read on to discover how you can become a blog contributor for Modern Match Lingerie!

The Blog

Hey you! We are so excited you’re interested in contributing to our blog! Whether you have the perspective of personal experience or professional, we welcome articles that fall under the following categories:

  • Self-Love, Societal norms, Mindset, Leadership: We are all on a journey to bettering ourselves. Whether you can speak into body confidence, daily/weekly self-care routines, digestible tips, and/or insight to being a better you, the women in our community would love your insight
  • Fertility and/or infertility, Motherhood, Family life, Relationship: Whether you are career-focused, family-focused, or both, we can all learn from one another on the many challenges and highlights in a woman’s life. We will not accept articles that offer medical advice. It is advisable if you are referring to your health journey, clearly state it was your experience and that the women reading the article should always speak to a healthcare provider.
  • Health and Wellness: Articles about health and wellness journeys are often written from one's own experience. We will not accept articles offering medical advice. If you are referring to stats or evidence, please link to a reputable article backing up the facts. We accept articles from your own experience and not one’s written about someone else. If you are referring to a client you worked with, please respect their privacy by not mentioning names or any information that might expose them without their written permission
  • Confidence and Empowerment: Can we ever get enough tips on ways to boost our confidence? Nah, we don’t think so either. Bring on the empowerment articles!
  • Business: Our community is full of entrepreneurs, corporate employees, self-employed and stay-at-home moms. We accept articles on all the areas above. We will not accept articles that pitch your business. We allow for a short bio that invites women to connect with you through one link provided. We encourage value added to support women in their own professional journey.
  • Social responsibility, Social injustice, Human rights, Equality: Education is power and we believe listening to each other's perspective, reality, and experience is integral to re-educating ourselves. Having an open mind that what we once knew might not be the reality to someone else. We accept articles written from personal experience, your activism mission, causes and concerns to highlight. We do not accept blogs criticizing others, discriminatory articles, racism, or shaming.

Articles should be at least 1000 characters to a maximum of 2500. If you have a hero image you would like to include, please ensure it’s a high-resolution horizontal photo. All photos included must acknowledge the photographer/owner. 

Bio’s and Links

One of the many advantages of having a community full of like-minded individuals is the power of connection! We welcome a short bio (up to 75 characters) and one external link for people to connect with you. These will be featured at the bottom of your article. We will not accept multiple links promoting your business throughout your article. 

We do want to be completely transparent with you and let you know that while we love it when you write for us, not all blogs are accepted. We go through a vetting process to ensure that each blog fits the criteria. Blogs with spelling and grammar mistakes will not be accepted. If you don’t have someone to proofread your article, we recommend using Grammarly.

We notify all our contributors via email a date their blog will go live so you can share it with your community members. It’s exciting being featured and we love celebrating our contributors. At times, we will share our contributor articles within our newsletter, within the Bra Bra Sisterhood or on our various social channels.

Submit your blog here.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at support at modernmatchlingerie dot com

Thank you for your interest in wanting to become a contributor for Modern Match Lingerie.
About us: Modern Match Lingerie is an online lingerie brand seeking to educate and empower women, while creating a community of strong women. The more women we can empower, the more of a ripple effect we can create–the ripple effect being more empowered women and daughters. Check us out at

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