You Are One Of The Most Incredible First Responders In A Pandemic

Liz Lima Bra Bra Sisterhood

Here it is. The new norm. 

Does a pandemic have to happen so we can learn about ourselves? 

You may be in one of these scenarios:

  1. You may be laid off wondering what the hell you are going to do now.
  2. You may be a single mom trying to manage all of this on your own.
  3. You may have a husband at home and possibly, not as helpful as you want him to be.
  4. You may be working remotely at home fulltime and the last thing on your mind is “X” when you’re attempting to home school your children and do your job At. The. Same. Time.

Does it feel that we women always have a label?

  • I’m a wife
  • I’m a mom
  • I’m (insert career title here)

I’m a woman. Just a woman. Period.

Women over time have been called to the front lines, f$%k… ALL THE TIME to the front lines because it is we who can handle it. 

Does that mean we are always with a damn smile on our face saying, “Everything is fine” and “I got this” standing in our Wonder Woman stance?

No. No, it doesn’t. 

There are times that you wonder where the hell that bottle of wine went when you realize you drank the whole thing that night. The time when you lock yourself in the bathroom and scream into the bath towel because you are so damn frustrated with everything!

What? Just me? 

We ladies know that the deadliest words we can speak to anyone are “No, nothing’s wrong”.

“Ok Liz, get to the point. Why should I bother even reading this?”


One, you may have more time than you did before so why not be enlightened?

Two, you may be one of the most incredible first responders to this pandemic, which most of us have never seen in our lives, and you are the ones we will have a massive bash for after this is all over since you are saving humanity. And you need something to take your mind off your reality right now. 

Liz Lima Bra Bra Sisterhood

Either way, the point of me typing these words into this document is to tell you this…

You are the one that will predict your future. 

You are the one that is so f&%ing incredible that got you here in your life. 

You are the one that we need right now. 

So, don’t give up on me. And don’t give up on you.

Don’t give up on all the girls who need strong women like us to make this world better for them and fight for them just like all the women before us burned bras and fought to have a right to vote.

This is the time for us to band together and tell everyone it’s fine on the outside while we are gearing up for the most challenging war we have seen in our lives.

There will be no “back to normal” because it wasn’t normal.

We are to make a new normal.

Take this permission slip if anyone asks why you’re so brazen now. Why you allowed the female warrior within you out.

Then tell them to shove it.

With peace and love (chuckling as I type that),



-Liz Lima is the Founder of FierceMODA, a platform redefining online shopping for women. She's a Certified Life Coach, a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, empowerment coach, life changer, and author of the book "I Am Enough Is Bullshit". She leads the #VenusWarrior movement, helping women clarify what they want from their lives and create an action plan to achieve it. 

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