Are bralettes healthier than bras?

Are bralettes healthier than bras?

Wear your bra on the loosest clasp. Wait… wear your bra on the tightest clasp… oh never mind, wear your bra on the middle clasp. Good grief. *cue Charlie Brown sigh*

After 3 years of owning my own lingerie brand, even I was shocked to learn the truths of some of the biggest myths I heard growing up. Whether we heard it from our parents or fear-based marketing strategies from the biggest brands, I am here to debunk some of the biggest myth of the lingerie industry. Is it truly  healthier to wear a bralette rather than underwire bras?  Psst...There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Read more to find out the truth behind this myth. 

6 myths about the lingerie industry:

1. It's healthier to wear wire-free bras, like bralettes or sports bras, than an underwire bra.

Not so fast. A supportive bralette is an excellent option for many women, but not for health reasons. There is no scientific evidence to show us that underwear bras are unhealthy; it's simply for comfort after years of being stuck in a booby trap. So no matter your preference, do what works best for you based on equal parts comfort, support and style.


2. Bras are too confusing for the average woman to understand. So much so that only a select few who work in a lingerie boutique can know anything about lingerie and how it should fit.


Sounds exclusive, right? Although a small mathematical equation is involved, you, me and a 3rd grader could understand it. (I was going to say 5th grader, but dang, those 5th graders are bright) The power is in your hands. It’s not as difficult as we are meant to believe. Find out how in 2 easy steps here and feel empowered as you sip your pinot in your boujee pj's at home. 


3. Underwire is, and always will be, the most uncomfortable bra style compared to other options.


Remember when we used to buy our bras in a box from a department store? We’ve come a long way. Unfortunately, this myth wasn’t always a myth. The history of lingerie was for functionality, not aesthetics or style. It simply helped make our clothes fit better. However, now we can don the softest laces and stretchy materials while still achieving the support we need even with an underwire.


4. Bralettes aren’t supportive.


I am personally guilty of this one! It’s one of the reasons I designed Modern Match! I was tired of seeing bralettes that only fit A or B cups. The bralette style is a BIG trend (bye bye hard molded push-up bras); you can now find some supportive, aesthetically beautiful types.


5. You can fit all styles by simply knowing your bra size.


Bras don’t just come in different shapes because of aesthetics. It’s also because boobs come in various forms. What works for one set of boobs doesn’t mean it will work for another. Knowing what compliments your shape will save you a ton of unnecessary returns. See our bra-style guild here.


6. Sleeping in a bra will prevent sagging breasts.


You can comfortably remove your bra at night now, ladies! I remember when Halle Berry made this statement in 2014. It wasn’t something I heard growing up, but a celebrity I admired said it so it must be true, right? Elizabeth Hurley also made this statement at age 55, saying she attributed her perky breasts to wearing a bra to bed her entire adult life. 

But there is a little more science behind this claim. Free your tatas, ladies, because sagging breasts can be genetics, age, weight fluctuation, growing babies in our bellies and even certain medications.


No matter what the myth or truth is, wearing a bra should be about supporting you, complimenting your body shape and evoking excitement inside of us. 

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