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Modern Match is a Canadian lingerie brand with a sustainable approach

If you've been a part of our community for a while, you might have heard me say, "We are more than just a lingerie line, just as you're more than just a woman." Because we have so many elements that make us unique.

When I think about the Modern Match brand, my mind automatically creates a mind map. These arms shoot off the hub of our brand, including categories like collaboration, innovation, sustainability, and Worthy Warriors.

Modern Match is a Canadian lingerie brand with a sustainable approach

When I think of the term' sustainability,' I see it as something we never arrive at but are constantly striving for.

Awareness, building, refining, and redesigning. It's the element of entrepreneurship that genuinely excites me. And collaboration plays a significant role in becoming a sustainable brand. Finding other creative minds that have hacked the old ways of global expansion in a greener space.

Here are four brand pillars that form our commitment to our customers:



A Canadian lingerie brand that focuses on sustainability

There is a part of the fashion world that many don't discuss (and perhaps are unaware of), and that's referred to as deadstock. This is when more prominent brands make the materials for their collections but don't use it all. They are shipped to these giant warehouses, the last place they go before they hit the landfill. This leftover fabric contributes to our landfills' 10 billion tons of waste yearly.

But it's in these warehouses that creative minds play and a place where Modern Match has found ways to create beautiful capsule collections with high-quality fabrics we can rescue.

It's a sustainable style revolution that breathes life back into forgotten treasures.

Multi-purpose materials


Modern Match is a Canadian lingerie brand committed to sustainability

We took an extra step to reduce waste and elevate our commitment to sustainability by consistently using our signature lace across our entire collection, ensuring that every fabric is carefully incorporated into each bra and underwear.

We do this to use as much as possible to avoid unnecessary waste.

Committed to innovation.


Modern Match Lingerie is a Canadian Lingerie brand committed to sustainabilty

We embrace innovation and believe that staying at the forefront of creativity and technology is essential to bringing you the best in fashion and sustainability.

Learning that most brands operate with a single grading system when creating their size range was frustrating. This outdated approach often starts with a size small (the average clothing size in Canada is large). The concern grew as more brands are trying to jump on the band wagon of inclusivity but not understanding how the garment will support the body.

At Modern Match, each piece starts with our founder to ensure the fit is correct and supports our busy lifestyles. From there, we sample each size in the collection on real bodies. It's essential to see how the garment supports, forms, provides comfort and integrates into women's daily lives.

Considered Inclusion


Modern Match Lingerie is a Canadian lingerie company that focuses on high-quality lingerie

We celebrate the curves, stretch marks, scars, and folds of our skin as a reminder of how incredible we are as women! We endure a lot in our lifetime, and photography is a beautiful way to celebrate our journeys, not hide it!
We want to represent women fully, breaking down the barriers created to define what sexy, beautiful, youthful, pretty, intelligent, and thoughtful looks like.

We exist to celebrate you.

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