Am I Wearing The Right Bra Size?


Growing up, I was shy about breasts…I didn’t want anyone measuring me or getting near my tiny tatas. As I grew up…I hated bra shopping…it was flippin’ confusing!

At Victoria's Secret, I was one size…and at Calvin Klein another. While Victoria’s Secret made me feel really good about myself telling me I was a C cup…it led to a lot of confusion in my teen years. Victoria’s Secret was telling me I was a C-cup when in reality I was an A-cup all along.


There are a lot of things that make me feel like one empowered B, and one of those things is knowing how to measure my own chest.  The best part about knowing how to do this? You don't have to try and flag down a sales associate–your girl ain't got time for that. Understanding how to properly measure your chest gives you the freedom to not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to shop for bras!

You know what also helps in answering your question of whether or not you’re wearing the right bra size? Knowing your breast shape! This can really support you in determining what style of bra your breasts will look absolutely killer in! 🤩

My tips below will have you never having to ask the question, “Am I wearing the right bra size”, again. 


Am I Wearing The Right Bra Size?


  1. Are The Cups Gaping? Girl, your cups should never gape. Your breast should fit nicely into the mold of the bra. 
  2. The band feels loose. If your bra band feels loose, or you feel like you’re not receiving support from the band, you’ve either entirely worn out your bra, or you bought your bra with too big of a band.


  1. Cups Look Tight. If your breasts look and feel suffocated in your bra, girl, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra.
  2. You’re Spilling Over. Is there excess breast tissue spilling over the cups of your bra? If so, it’s too small!
  3. Band Is Tight. If the bra band feels like it’s giving you a not very friendly hug…then the bra is too small!

How A Bra Should Fit

The Cups

The cups should be filled, and fit you comfortably. Your breast should not be spilling out of the middle, sides, or overtop of the cup. Your cup should also not be gaping, if this is the case and the band feels right, go down a cup size. If you


have one breast that is larger than the other–you are not alone! Me too (and pretty much every other woman out there!)

Most women do have a slight difference between their breasts, however, for some, it can be a full cup difference. If this is the case go by your larger breast. You don’t want a bra that will make your bigger breast feel squished. There are bras out there that are made specifically for people with a vast difference between breasts. These bras allow you to add padding to the bra to help with the difference.


The Band

The band should fit like a warm hug. Snug, but not tight. It should be parallel to the floor, and should not be pulled up.

A lot of times us girls can tighten bra straps for a little extra lift, this causes the band to slide up. While this might give the girls a little extra boost, it’s only gonna leave you with bra strap marks on your shoulders, and discomfort. Remember this: “to wear it well, make sure it’s parallel (to the floor)”. 

I also want to point out that when you’re shopping for a new bra you should be hooking your bra on the loosest hook. The band should fit snug and comfy on the loosest hook because as the materials of your bra begin to stretch over time, you’ll be able to tighten on the middle hook, and finally the last hook.

How To Properly Wear Your Bra

Oh heck yes there is a right and wrong way to wear a bra! I am here to ensure that you’re wearing yours properly in order to save you any aches and pains,


and potentially even making you realize that you might need a different size!

  1. Start On The Loosest Hook! When you first purchase a bra you should hook your bra on the loosest hook. As your bra loosens over time move into the middle and final hook
  2. Straps! Straps should not be so tight that they pull the back of the band up. The band needs to lay parallel to the floor
  3. Scoop and Swoop! Once in your bra, lean forward, tuck your hands into your cup, and motion the girls up and towards your face. This will help you adjust your breasts into the cups properly.

If you’ve read all of the above and still are wondering “Am I wearing the right bra size” I have one last thing for you to do.

The “Am I Wearing The Right Bra Size” Checklist

Or as I like to call it BBSC

    1. Breast - Check your girls. Are your cups gaping? Are you spilling out of the front middle or side?
    2. Band - How does the band feel? Is it tight? Is it loose? Does it hurt?
    3. Strap - Check the straps. Make sure they’re not too tight they’re leaving marks, nor too loose that they’re falling off your shoulders
    4. Check - Once you’re feeling certain you’ve got the right fit, take a moment to check your amazing self out in the mirror and hype yourself up! You’re an empowered woman who doesn’t need anyone (but herself) to tell her if her bra fits right or not!

If you still have questions about fit, make sure to check out our fit-me page, or head over to social media and ask us a question! We’d be more than happy to mingle with you and get you in your perfect bra.

Veronica Beltran – Veronica is a former newsy turned bra expert. When she isn’t spending her time writing about all things lingerie, she is reviewing products, cooking up a vegan creation, or hitting the gym for those #bootygains. 

Get in touch with Veronica via Instagram.

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