Best Underwear For Your Butt Shape


There are no if, and’s or buts—no one booty is the same.

It’s true every body shape is different than the next, and at Modern Match we believe that all butt shapes are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated with underwear styles that will flatter them the best!

Wearing underwear that accentuates your natural form is so empowering, but without knowing your body shape, the shopping experience can feel confusing and a little frustrating. So here’s my crash course identifying common butt shapes, and how to choose the best type of underwear for your booty type.

Selecting the perfect panties style starts with KNOWING your butt shape, and for today we will stick with the four most common shapes:

  1. H-Shaped or Square shaped butts
  2. V or inverted shaped butts
  3. A-Shaped bums aka upside down heart shape, and
  4. O-shaped tushies aka bubble butts

Trust me, once you understand your shape, you'll have way more fun and confidence when you make your next panty purchase online or in-store!  Let’s dive right in!



Best Underwear for Butt Shape: H-Shaped/ Square

The H-shaped butt or square butt is one described to have the same width from the hips to where your butt and back of your thighs touch. Having this shape makes your torso look longer, so your goal is to create some definition in the waist while accentuating your bum cheeks is important.

For H-shaped booties, high-waisted panties are all the rage, as they accentuate the waistline! Combine high-waisted with cheeky and you've got a perfectly plump looking bottom!

Modern Match Cheeky Panty is the best underwear shape for H-shaped butts

I recommend: Modern Match Flawless Form Cheeky Panty

Price: $26 




Why does the Flawless Form Cheeky Panty work well with the H-Shaped / Square Butt?

This #1 selling undie by Modern Match flawlessly hugs your curves and doesn't ride. More material at the upper area and less at the bottom of the cheeks gives the square butt a bit of a rounder look and more definition. The no-itch lace fabric provides just enough coverage that looks sexy and is comfortable for all day wear. It is seamless on the front and doesn't roll, plus the lace in the back lays nice and flat. It's pretty much everything your lovely square bottom would need!

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Best Underwear for V-Shaped / Inverted Butt 

So how do you know if you have a V-shaped bottom? Well, just like the V-shape, the majority of your booty’s mass is in the upper part of your butt, losing volume as you come down from the hip bones towards the legs.

When shopping for underwear for your V-shaped butt, the trick to finding the best panty is to wear something more full coverage. This creates a rounder look for your tush. Look for underwear styles such as bikini bottoms or boyshorts. Avoid panties such as thongs. As a bonus, ruching around the leg opening area will also support you in creating a more full bottom!

The Modern Match Bikini Panty is the best underwear for v-shaped butts

I recommend: Modern Match Barely There Bliss Bikini Panty

Price: $26 CAD |  $19 USD




Why does the Barely There Bliss Bikini Panty work well with the V-Shaped / Inverted Butt?

If you have a V-Shaped bottom with more prominent hip bones and less volume towards the bottom of the butt, the fuller coverage in the back of this bikini panty will create nice proportion. This Modern Match mid-rise panty is so comfortable, you’ll forget you're even wearing any! In addition, this seamless underwear doesn't roll over time after being washed again and again. It's so practical! Wear this under any outfit without worrying about any visible panty lines. 

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Best Underwear for A-Shaped / Upside Down Heart

A-Shaped / Upside Down Heart bums are pretty self-explanatory—your butt follows the path of the letter A that is slimmer up top and wider towards the bottom. People with A-shaped butts usually have a smaller waist followed by a wider bum, and thicker thighs. This butt shape will literally resemble an upside-down heart. 

The best tip on underwear for your body is to avoid covering up too much! Less is more when comes to an a-shape butt, so thongs are a great option–even a cheeky panty!

The Modern Match Go-To Thong is the best underwear for A-Shaped butts

I recommend: Modern Match Smooth Moves Thong

Price: $26 CAD |  $19 USD






Why does the Smooth Moves Thong work well with the A-Shaped / Upside Down Heart-Shaped Butt?

Since these butt shapes have more volume at the bottom, the Smooth Moves Thong is ideal because it provides just the right amount of coverage on the upper portion to create the most flattering look. Also, say goodbye to panty lines! This go-to thong can be worn under any outfit, offering seamless support and comfort for your tightest of leggings. It's designed with lots of stretch so it moves with you too!


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Best Underwear for Butt Shape: O-Shaped/ Bubble Butt

Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt! – Major Lazer

O-shaped bums or bubble butts are round butt shapes that have their volume evenly dispersed throughout the bottom.

With this shape you want to accentuate your cheeks, so that means less is more for my bubble gals! Thongs and Brazilian-style bikinis are the most flattering styles for this booty shape.

The Modern Match Go-To Thong is the best underwear for A-Shaped Butts

I recommend: Modern Match Smooth Moves Thong

Price: $26 CAD |  $19 USD




Why does the Smooth Moves Thong work well with the O-Shaped / Bubble Butt?

If you have a body type with a round booty, the Modern Match Smooth Moves Thong is just the right underwear you'll want to show off those nice full cheeks. The subtle lace embellishments add a pretty visual touch without creating any itch. This thong is made with materials that will lay flat against your skin. The 100% cotton gusset keeps things fresh and breathable throughout your day! 

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So, what's your butt shape? Head over to the mirror and start spelling out the alphabet!

Now that you've learned how to determine the best type of underwear for your butt shape, go ahead and select from the most comfortable and form flattering panty styles in our Modern Match Lingerie underwear collection.

Imagine opening up your underwear drawer every day, with the confidence that each piece inside will have you looking and feeling your best!

I myself have three pairs of Modern Match undies, and I seriously look forward to days when I wear them because they are SO COMFY (at one point had to ask myself if I was in fact wearing underwear because they’re SO comfy!).

Check them out here.

Veronica Beltran is a lingerie expert with Modern Match Lingerie and is also part of the companies, Digital Marketing Team. She is a former News Anchor and Journalist. When she's not creating content for Modern Match Lingerie she is creating content for her own social media, including sharing plant-based recipes, a vegan lifestyle, and sustainable living.

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