Boost Your Bedroom Confidence With This Rule Of Thumb

Xerces Alex Lewis Bra Bra Sisterhood

To be more confident in the bedroom you have to try this first.

Ah, the dreaded confidence in the bedroom. What does that feel like? You want to show up as all of you, not holding back, not afraid of rejection, not afraid of being seen for who you are …

Just give all of you and it is received from your partner


Let me ask you, do you feel this way about you? Do you allow yourself to show up as all of you, not holding anything back? Do you find yourself rejecting your truth? Not really accepting you for who you are and giving yourself all of YOU?

Do you receive that from you?

“Gosh Xerces, I don’t!”

BINGO! There you have it. Get society out of your head sis. Get your parents, your past experiences, what you’ve picked up about sex that doesn’t really align with what you desire.

The thing about sex is it’s an extremely vulnerable experience. And because of that, if you already judge yourself on a day to day, you will have a challenge showing up as the most authentic you in the bedroom.

Trust me, any man that is truly interested in you will accept all that you have to offer. Not these little boys, not these “one thing on my mind” type of guys. But men like your partner and men like who you desire to attract.

Those men already accept all of you. Even if you were to show up as you are NOW and go all-in even with the fear present, they’re going to accept all of that and enjoy all of you…

but YOU won't.

You will still be judging the shit out of yourself, taking away from the moment. Confidence in the bedroom starts with self -acceptance because that energy carries a lot of fucking charges. Enough to blow the damn power out in the house!

And when you have this, it’s a no brainer that the man you’re desiring to get it on with will be there, standing at attention, ready for what you have to offer and ready to give you what they have to offer.

So what you have to do is actually begin this journey of self-acceptance. Understanding who YOU are, what your sex story has been and what you desire it to be. Letting go of whatever crap in the past that’s holding you to a standard of believing you’re not good enough and you’re not accepted.

You are, but you have to energetically align with self-acceptance and show up in that power.

I know that each time I work with a client that’s in a place of really accepting who she is, what she desires, loving and appreciating herself and her OWN sex story, not the one that was written for her, her life changes. Her money levels up, her sex levels up, and her feminine divine connection does too.

This is your journey sis, take the pen, write something new, and forgive what was before. And if you’re needing help doing so, I’m the perfect Sensual Guide for you. Message me and we will get something set up. Let’s talk.




Xerces Lewis Bra Bra Sisterhood- Xerces is a sex and intimacy coach, helping women to rewrite their stories with sex, self, and relationships. Sensual Soul Healing is a brand helping women to create their own story with pleasure that isn’t specifically catered to men but specifically focused on women understanding their relationship with sex and intimacy and their sexual confidence. Xerces Lewis is the sex and intimacy coach. She has a bachelor's in psychology and masters in mental health counselling with over 5 years of counselling and coaching, men, women, and couples.

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