How Should A Bra Fit?

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It’s a million-dollar question! We’ve all wondered about it at some point in our lives. I was probably 15 when I first wondered about how a bra should fit. I believe I was wearing a 34B, a bra size my mom–bless her sweet soul–actually pulled out of thin air when I was 13.

So there I was, for two whole years, cups gaping, dealing with that awful shirt swallowing situation–you know, when there’s not enough meat in the cup to fill it, so your cup is constantly pinching your shirt.

Good thing I wondered, and started working at Modern Match Lingerie, or else I probably would still be wearing the wrong size bra!

Alright, so how should a bra fit? Well, there are several things to look out for including your band, your cup, and straps! These will all determine if your bra fits perfectly, is too big or too small.

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How To Know My Bra Size?

First things first, you need to know your bra size. You might not be the same size in every brand *insert eye roll*. I know, it’s annoying, but it’s also true and you should be informed of this.

In the lingerie industry, there is no regulation when it comes to sizing, that’s why a Victoria’s Secret Bra, and a Modern Match Bra, vs a Third Love, or CUUP Bra may fit differently even if the tag says they’re all 38D’s. It’s important to know this as it makes for an informed consumer! Honestly, how empowering is it to know that, and to be able to take finding your own bra size into your own hands?! 

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How to know my bra size:

First, you’re going to need a soft measuring tape, second, grab a pen and paper–unless you have an unreal memory.

Step 1 of how to know my bra size: Take your soft measuring tape and wrap it around your underbust. Take a deep breath in and relax, let your arms fall into a relaxed position (make sure you’re still holding the measuring tape with one hand haha). Note: The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor. Take down the measurement in inches.

Step 2 of how to know my bra size: Take your soft measuring tape and wrap it around your bust, you should measure around the largest part of your breast. Deep breath in and relax those arms. The measuring tape should again, be parallel to the ground. Take this measurement and write it down.

Now we have to do some math. Don’t worry it is easy peasy, lemon squeezy! If your band size was an odd number, add 3, if it was an even number add 4. Let’s use an example, so if your underbust measures 31 inches, add 3, equaling 34. If your bust is 37 inches, then sing your ABC’s from 34 - 37. A = 35, B = 36, C = 37. Your final measurement will be a 34C!

See, how empowering is that? Now, you’ll always be able to find your bra size no matter how much your boobs decide to change!

Bra band should feel snug like a hug

How Should A Bra Fit?

A bra should never be uncomfortable, if it is, you might be wearing the wrong size. Finding what works for you is SO important when it comes to bras because you should be able to feel comfortable, sexy, and undeniably empowered in your underthings!

So, how should a bra fit? I always say it should feel snug like a hug. The bra should be hugging your body, not like your hug-loving aunt loves hugs at family dinners, but like a hug you give your four legged bestie, not too tight and just right.

Is/Are my bra (s)...

  • Cutting into my body?
  • Leaving deep red marks on my body?
  • Letting my boobs spill?
  • Cups gaping?
  • Band loose?

If you said yes to any of the items listed above, then you are probably wearing the wrong bra size. Your perfect bra won’t hurt you and won’t feel uncomfortable. If you feel like you’re wearing the wrong size and have tried

Breast should fill cup

fitting yourself but still have questions, feel free to book a virtual fitting with us! Shauna, our Modern Match Founder, or I (Veronica) will help you find your size!

Bra Wearing Tips

Something that I find a lot of women aren’t aware of is where on the hooks they should be hooking up their bra! When you first purchase a bra wear it on the loosest hook. Wearing your bra on the loosest hook allows you to tighten your bra as it naturally begins to stretch from daily wear. 

As time goes on, and your band begins to stretch, move it to the middle hook and finally, the tightest. There is a method to this madness!

Straps are another big one, if they’re hurting you make sure you’ve loosened them. Straps that hurt could be a sign that your bra is too small. Another important thing to remember is that your bra’s support actually solely comes from the band, and not the straps, so tight straps doesn’t help with support, they’re just there to keep your bra from slipping.

I hope that now that you know how a bra should fit you are able to head into the world feeling a bit more empowered than you did at the start of this article!

Veronica Beltran Profile ImageVeronica Beltran - Is a part of the Digital Marketing Team at Modern Match Lingerie Team, previously she was a Journalist and News Anchor. On her spare time she enjoys reviewing lingerie, as well as creating social media content for her vegan social media accounts.

Connect with Veronica here.

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