How to Stop Craving Junk Food

How to Stop Craving Junk Food

You've likely heard it before that when we crave certain foods, it's actually our body lacking in something. But the last thing our body needs is what we're actually craving. So what does our body need? 

"If you suffer from cravings and emotional eating, you also suffer from being malnourished. This is a result of not understanding how to eat." 

So how do we curb junk food cravings? I interviewed the Body Confidence Queen herself, Vicky Rolfe, to get to the bottom of this. The conversation can make the best of us uncomfortable between cravings, emotional eating, and weight loss. There is a level of shame associated with these topics, and there is nothing I love more than using our platform to talk about taboo conversations. Talking about the latest fab diet: Keto, low calorie, eating for your blood type, is easy and trendy, but the not-so-easy conversation is the mental pressure of not achieving the desired results. 

"It's about understanding what your body needs and understanding how to nourish your body for the rest of your life." 

Some of us love sweets, and some of us love salty snacks, but did you know there is a reason behind why you're craving sweet over salty? 

Our Sisterhood Spotlight, Vicky, is a certified Health Nutritionist and a Body Confidence Coach. In our video interview, she shares her knowledge about tackling cravings, emotional eating, and ways to get support to help us reach our goals... without dieting!

"We starve ourselves to lose weight, and then behind closed doors, we eat a box of cookies because we're starving." 

Join us in this empowering conversation about understanding your body and how to ditch junk food. 


Vicky is hosting a free workshop next week, Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On The Go., just for you! Click here to join. My biggest takeaway from this interview is the power of surrounding yourself with people that have the knowledge and experience behind them.  

to stop emotional eating and curbing junk food cravings does not require dieting. It's about understanding what your body truly needs

Vicky, also known as The Body Confidence Queen, is a nutrition & weight loss coach who teaches successful women how to nourish their body and release unwanted weight so they can gain body confidence. 

Seasoned certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, her expertise led her to be featured on various radio shows, podcasts and summits. Because she is dedicated to supporting as many women as possible, she also created various summits including The Body Confidence Code, featuring experts like Trent Shelton, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, Dr. Jen Esquer (Docjenfit), Anna Renderer and Melanie Young, to name a few.

When she is not helping women look and feel better within their body, she’s having dance parties in her living room with her kids or getting her toolbelt on in search of her next home renovation project. Connect with Vicky in The Body Confidence Community for Female Entrepreneurs here.


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