Bra Bra Sisterhood

Are there any readers out there who believe that they can live in this world alone? I sure hope not. We are stronger together. Every person has the gift of knowledge and a specific purpose in life. As women with nurturing natures, this also translates into the businesses we start.

This I love! Yes, I am a college graduate and worked for over 20 years at one corporation. Awesome accomplishments: but in the words of Maya Angelou,


 If you were like me, there was a tugging, a yearning to do something more. Something more impactful and more meaningful than just going to the same office helping to secure someone else’s future wealth and family legacy. There was the type of soul-killing complacency and mediocrity going on and I knew I was not pushing myself to explore, try a new adventure, to simply step out on faith and embrace the creativity and brilliance that had been lying dormant within me for years.

As I listened daily to motivational speakers and life coaches on a continuous loop there was always one singular call to action that was consistent……


 I am now a budding businesswoman who provides real estate services and a co-founder of a women’s business collective. How did you get to this place, you might ask? It starts with the people around you.  Are they speaking life or death to your dreams and aspirations? My tribe is amazing and l am so grateful for those in my life who are my biggest encouragers. My pastor and mentor said to me one day in November 2018 … “Ok, so you want to do this. Then solidify it in writing and put a date on it.”

As a woman of faith, my scriptural reference was Habakkuk 2:2 where it says,

“Write the vision and make plain on tablets that he may run who reads it”.

So I wrote a resignation letter dated July 1, 2019, and saved it to my desktop, anticipating the moment I would submit it. June rolled around and two days before the date on my resignation letter, we were called into a meeting only to be told that our services were no longer needed. Kick rocks and get out of here. Our entire department was being let go. As I sat there internalizing what I just heard, I laughed to myself and I was just like –

“God, you are hilarious. You knew I needed that push, that kick in the butt to take action and start living and thriving again.”


Underneath all that boldness, I was scared as hell because I was not in this alone. I am a wife and a mother who did not want my husband and partner in life to feel extra stress and burden as we learned to live with one salary for a little while. Let me take a moment to celebrate him for getting in agreement with me to see where this new freedom was about to take our family.  It’s a new day and I am all here for it!

Okay, so I just said a lot of words – but now I have a proposition for you – want to come on a journey with me?  #IDareU2Start! Along with my partner Patreese Applewhite our vision is driven by those who pride themselves in being the foremost resource for one another; to be able to network, mentor and participate in professional growth programs, outings and events geared towards assisting every woman and young girl as they pursue their endeavors in life.

Do you agree with me when I say that we have a duty to lift one another up; then let’s go. Let’s do this! #IDareU2Start!

I DARE U 2 START loving yourself enough to step out of your comfort zone and unleash all your greatness and brilliance for the world to become a benefactor of. To step back and evaluate where you are in life and know that there are others out here who are ready, willing and able to help lift you up. Can you hear me…. You are amazingly talented and the world needs what you have been gifted with.

I DARE U 2 START being a YESSSSSSSS with two snaps. YES to new opportunities, YES to taking a chance on yourself and YES to being blessed.

I DARE U 2 START fellowshipping with like-minded entrepreneurs who are as concerned for your success as they are for their own.

Don’t give up! We got you; I got you. So where do you start? Put on your Nike sneakers and just do it…lol. No, but really just start where you are. Today is better than you think. Today is the day to take a chance on you. You are a beautiful woman warrior who rocks! Declare and affirm that I CAN do this and I WILL do this. My movement won’t be stopped or diminished by negative self-defeating thoughts or by negative people. UP, UP and AWAY. That is the only way to go.




Angela Carter- Angela, co-founder of Sistah CEO Inc. and a Realtor providing real estate services via Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty in the state of Maryland where she helps her clients purchase, rent, or sell properties. Angela takes pride in being a wife to Patrick and a mom to Lauren and Noah who are young adults pursuing their own endeavors. Finally, Angela is able to live the life she has always dreamed of… being an Entrepreneur. She loves serving others and in her current role, she is able to do just that. Connect with her here

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