Kicking Off The New Year, Healthy

Kicking Off The New Year, Healthy

It’s a new year and time to set yourself up TO WIN!

Do you have a goal this year to be the most vibrant, energized, joyful version of yourself? 

Are you saying to yourself “YESSSSS!!! This is the year I am taking on my health.” 

Or “New year, new body”?


Maybe you are feeling frustrated “enough is enough I’m done with these diets”.  Ok, you get the point. So now what? How do you make the leap from desire to follow through on your vision.

SUPPORT - banish the lone wolf

COMMUNITY- be held accountable and stay inspired 

TRUST- learn to trust in yourself and what your body needs

VISION- leaning into the vision you have for your health no matter how uncomfortable. 

Now is the time to stop holding back and start living with freedom, confidence, energy, and grace.

Self-love is giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive and in return it gives you the vibrant, energized, abundant life you have been dreaming of. 

healthy meal of avocado toast with boiled egg

It doesn’t need to be difficult or drudgery. It gets to be simple and easy. So how does that work?

It’s about simple steps moving you in the direction toward a healthy lifestyle being natural. It’s about becoming intentional and aware of how the food we eat make us feel. Did you know journaling the food eaten in a day can support with weight loss!

At this point I think you get it. When we feel worthy of a healthy body we get to own it and because we own it, we fuel our cells with the most nutritiously filled foods, and because we fill our body with the foods that heal, we further live out the life we have always wanted. 

Here’s a simple tool you can follow to start fueling your body with the foods that give us energy, healthy skin, repair damaged cells, support in weight loss, and give our brain fuel to be fired up and joyful!

S: supportive healthy fats 

(olives, avocado, nuts and seeds)

A: antioxidants 

(herbs, spices, berries, tea, wine)

F: Fundamental foods

(veggies, fruits, whole grains, greens)

E: essential vitamins and minerals

(vitamin D, vitamin B12-talk to your provider)

I will leave you with one last tool, my free weight loss hacks. These are truly about creating sustainable healthy habits that support in the journey of a forever lasting vibrant body. Get yours today!

Danika Koopmans Registered Nurse Practitioner Health Intentionally

Danika Koopmans - Danika is a Family Nurse Practitioner and the founder of Health Intentionally an online lifestyle medicine program that provides the knowledge and tools to heal and possibly reverse some chronic diseases! Danika believes that when we feel vibrant and free, we can live out of greatest purpose which ultimately creates an incredibly lit up world! Danika is a mom, wife, recipe extraordinaire, lazy paddle boarder, and lover of running. Through her diagnosis of MS and amidst studying to be a FNP, she spent countless hours studying the effects of food on the body. When she learned the importance of nutrition and its role in healing the body, she created her company Health Intentionally. Health Intentionally is now serving communities across Canada through her community wide S.A.F.E. program and Healthy School Initiative program. She is the creator of the podcast Just for the Health of it, is featured in hundreds of interviews, and recently launched her 8-week course for providers! 



Get in touch with Danika:

Facebook: Just for the health of it-Facebook private Group 

Instagram: @health.intentionally 

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