Modern Match: Community For Women

Feel empowered with the items that sit closest to your skin. Modern Match Lingerie is soft, comfortable and moulds to your body

We are warriors, we are strong, we are gentle, and we're funny.

Modern Match Lingerie is your armour, your badge, that you belong to a sisterhood of women who are free to be loud, be bold, and take up space. A sisterhood where one woman is powerful, but when we link arms and stand together, we're impactful. Let us celebrate each curve, stretch mark, dimple and scar as a reminder of your incredible journey.

Be empowered, knowing that you are embracing yourself. Modern Match Lingerie was designed to live with you as you tackle anything life throws your way. We create freedom for women to embody their sensuality, comfort and confidence... one panty at a time.

Because we truly have the best panties.

I created this video because I wanted to highlight what it feels like to wear Modern Match, the experience we want each of our customers to have. We exist to support women in stepping into their superpower so you, too, could feel unstoppable as you enjoy the journey of life.
Women are always looking for tools to support the way we feel. At Modern Match, we believe the items that sit closest to your skin should be comfortable, soft, uplifting, and empowering. So whether you are family-focused, career-focused or both, know you being a woman is what leads you to where you are.
Have you joined our Sisterhood yet? A safe place where like-minded women come together and share the vast aspects of life. The Bra Bra Sisterhood is where the magic of Modern Match began before we launched our first collection in 2020.
Within our group, we celebrate the women, despite all odds, who keep getting up each morning to show up, grow and serve others. The women who are building their dreams, conquering their goals and believe we are stronger together.
Grab your cup of java, get comfy, and join the conversation within our community here:

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