Modern Match Lingerie is Empowering Women One Cup Size at a Time

Modern Match releases new size range in their women's underwear and wireless bras from XS to 3XL

Modern Match is Redefining What It Means to Empower Women

Modern Match Lingerie, an online lingerie startup focused on providing comfortable and sexy supportive bras and underwear for all women, today announces its launch of the 3XL size in their underwear and wireless bra. The company is redefining what it means to empower women, one bra at a time. Body positivity and inclusivity are the essences of the brand, which is why they are launching the extended size range.

With the average breast size in North America hovering between a D and DD, and antiquated styles designed by older companies, there was a need for something comfortable, sexy and available to all. Most women end up wearing bras that don’t properly fit thus leaving them uncomfortable all day. Not knowing their bra size and trying to fit into standardized sizes; small, medium, and large, leave many in a bind. It is a booby trap and one that Modern Match Lingerie wants you to break free from.

 “This is an exciting stepping stone to serve and empower more women with our collection,” says Shauna Allan, Modern Match Lingerie founder. 

Shauna Allan, Founder of Modern Match

Sizing for lingerie is a grading system, a mathematical equation where a designer would fit the smallest size and use the math equation to create the larger sizes. It was common for brands to use this method because historically, the average cup size was a B. However, the system never changed even though our average cup size has increased. “The problem with this method is we are more than a mathematical equation, we’re human beings. There is more to consider for optimal comfort”, Allan says. 

When sizing the Modern Match Lingerie collection, Allan started with her own size and then fit every size to a model. This was especially important to her as the structure of a bra can change for the bigger the breast. “I started by sizing myself and it was never my intention to stay in the smaller category, but being a self-funded brand, I had to start somewhere,” she explains. “And that was a problem. Right away I was already capping out at the average size. I knew there was a large number of women who I couldn’t serve, and wanted to include. So finally today, I can offer these women a size that works with their needs.” 

Shauna Allan Founder of Modern Match

When we look at the big brand names who offer comfort first, style and appeal are thrown out the window. We don’t want to wear grandma’s bra or grannie panties, but we want comfort and sexiness. So why not have both? Modern Match Lingerie is supporting more women in feeling confident and sexy in lingerie at every size.

“Sexiness is not reserved for any one particular body type and where the lingerie industry has missed the mark since the beginning, is now being challenged by Modern Match Lingerie.” Allan set out to change this paradigm where sexiness and comfort belong to every BODY. The lightweight designs, great support, comfort, and natural flowing shape don’t squeeze or push you out. Women already have a complex relationship with their boobs and trying to squeeze them into something they don’t even want, takes their power away.

Hard to believe that empowerment can be found in lingerie, but when it fits right, feels good, and offers support, you can take charge of your day. 

About us:

Modern Match Lingerie is an online boutique of high quality, Canadian designed, lingerie. The company was founded in 2020 by Shauna Allan to bring together women of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds to rejoice in what it means to be a modern-day woman. Find out more at

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