Power Of The Panty: Be Empowered By Your Under Things

Power Of The Panty: Be Empowered By Your Under Things

Do you know how incredibly empowering your panties can be?

 Let me put it to you another way… 

Close your eyes…wait, you can’t read this if your eyes are closed.  So, just think about your most uncomfortable, itchy, irritating pair of underwear. You probably haven’t worn them in a while (for obvious reasons) but I know you have a drawer full of them. 

Now imagine your most beautiful pair of underwear. The pair you wear on special occasions that are a cute color and make your bum look incredible.  They are soft and maybe lacy.  If you could, you would wear them all the time.

Our panties are the last thing we think of when we consider “mood-boosting” methods.

The clothes we wear closest to our skin can be one of the most powerful yet simple ways to increase our mood! 

Modern Match Cheeky Panty

When I started designing panties, I considered all the underwear in my drawer and what I hated about them. Just when I couldn’t think of anything else to write on the list, I surveyed 100 women and my list doubled in size! That input was invaluable. It supported me in designing a product that I know you’ll love!  

Interested in being a voice in the design of my brand? Follow us on Instagram to take part in our product surveys! 

I would LOVE to hear from you!



-Shauna Allan is the founder of Modern Match Lingerie Inc. and The Bra Bra Sisterhood – armed with a cup of java and her favourite pieces of lingerie, she hosts a safe space where women can simply just be women! Join our community here

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