What Style of Underwear Should I Wear?

Styles of underwear for butt shape

Bikini, thong, boy shorts, cheeky, seamless, hipster, G-string... the list goes on when considering all the different styles of underwear available to us. Whether you are looking for something fresh for an everyday style, or a panty that elevates your outfit, knowing what style of underwear fits your body best is life changing. 

Boobs, bodies and personal taste come in many forms, and each is perfect.

Before we dive in, know that no one size/style fits all.  Knowing what suits your body best and makes you feel incredible while slipping on your underwear is essential. If you found yourself wondering what style of underwear you should wear, you've come to the right place. 

Just like body types, we will categorize booty shapes by letters to create a visual, and we will stick to the four most common bum shapes: 


What style of underwear should I wear-  volume is distributed evenly from top to bottom and can be a flat or slight curve in the cheeks


V Shape Butt

 -  more volume on top and narrow on the bottom


A shape butt

 -  more volume on the bottom and narrow at the top


O Shape butt also known as a round booty

-  your bum is round in shape and full on top and bottom


Now let's get to the fun part! I will go through some styles that complement each of these butt shapes. BONUS * I have a special gift at the end for you! 

What style of underwear should you wear for: H-Shaped

Comfortable underwear from Modern Match

When volume is distributed evenly throughout the hip and butt, it creates a longer torso. So styles that highlight the waistline will create definition. You also want to look for styles that accentuate your bum cheeks: cheeky and boy shorts are my top picks. 

 Style recommendation: Cheeky Panty

Price: $26 CAD | $19 USD Shop Now


What style of underwear should you wear for: V-Shaped

Bikini style underwear for your butt shape

Also known as strawberry, styles that accentuate the leg look great with this butt shape! Look for styles that have more coverage for everyday wear to create a rounder booty appearance. Bikini and styles with rouching around the leg will look great. 

Style recommendation: Bikini Panty

Price: $26 CAD | $19 USD Shop Now


What style of underwear should you wear for: A-Shaped 

Best underwear for butt shape

People with A-shaped booty usually have a smaller waist followed by a wider bum and thicker thighs. Think Apple Bottum jeans (but leave the boots with the fur in 2002). My go-to for this butt shape is thongs or a high-cut cheeky panty. 

Style recommendation: Thong

Price: $26 CAD | $19 USD Shop Now


What style of underwear should you wear for: O-Shaped

What style of underwear should I wear?

The trick for O-shape booties is all about where the underwear sits at the top of the butt. Too much fabric, or the wrong cut, can bunch here. G-strings and thongs work great with this shape, highlighting what your mama gave you! 

Style recommendation: Thong

Price: $26 CAD | $19 USD Shop Now


Comfortable seamless underwear

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