Single or In Relationship: Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day sexy lingerie

 Are you team romance or team "I hate Valentines Day"?

Or can we be both? Ugh, so many tug and pulls of the over-dramatized day, a day that most of us don't even know where it came from. My mom used to call it a Hallmark Day, but in terms of top-grossing retailers, we should point our gaze at the chocolate and jewelry industry for playing into our emotions and obligations of buying something for our loved ones.

V-day lingerie for date night 2022

The creativity to create a memorable Valentine's Day, whether single or in a relationship, doesn't need to take up copious amounts of headspace or drain the bank account. 

The history of Valentine's Day and what it is today

February has been long celebrated as the month of romance, long before Hallmark was a thing. It dates to Christian and ancient Roman traditions. So why February? Well, this marks the day that St Valentine was put to death, clearly some past historical controversy of men doing bad shit.

On a little less biblical view (or a lot), this is also the time of year birds start mating, so naturally, this signifies the month of love…of course *duh.

So here we are, breaking societal norms of what the month of love is or is not supposed to look like. And I, for one, love a good story of 'I can have my cake and eat it too'.

Am I all about romance – in a relationship with another human AND by myself? Heck, YES!

I'm also a woman who can empower herself with lingerie whenever she damn well pleases. So why not take advantage of the incredible deals along the way! *clap yo hands


Having a single Valentine's Day takes creativity to make it enjoyable

I find it curious that societal norms try to push us one way or another. Did you jump on the bandwagon of buying all the comfy sweats during lockdown, or did you continue to dress for success? Are you team Santa, or are you taking the millennial approach of no gifts, more family time?

What if life could be full of both instead of always an either/or?


Let's get creative this Valentines Day!

How expansive our tastes would be if we focused more on how things made us feel rather than how they look! What if you could enjoy your grilled cheese cut diagonally but your sandwich vertically? What if you could love a straight part on Tuesdays and a side part on Wednesdays? What if you could love underwire bras by day and wireless by night?


As I'm writing this blog, I can't help but think I'm in a monogamous relationship, and I should probably get my butt in gear and get creative if I want to treat my hubby to something thoughtful this Valentine's Day. My husband is a chocolate lover. It fascinates me because retailers, tampon makers, and weight loss companies have always labelled women as chocoholics. And I am a lingerie lover, so Valentine's Day fits well in our relationship. However, I might add a few notes here because it isn't what it seems. I buy the lingerie for myself because it's important to me it compliments my body shape, skin tone and comfort level.

5 creative ways to create connection this Valentine's Day

And my husband buys his own chocolate because, well… he likes what he likes. So, as I pick out some new lingerie for myself, I have myself in mind, but I also have him in mind and what the night will look like.

 This is merely what it looks like in our home. You might not be in a relationship by choice, or this type of romance might not be what you and your spouse are into. And for that, I say, you do you!

Whether in a relationship or single, here are my top 5 creative Valentine's Day date ideas for you to try:


Creative date night ideas for Valentines Day

Theme the night with food

Create a fun night with theming your dinner choice. Maybe you want to go all in with cooking new Mexican food, embody your inner Lady Gaga and try a new Italian dish, or indulge in the deep flavors with Indian food. Make it an event by shopping that night   for all your ingredients and enjoy the evening with some delicious food. 


5 Creative Date Nights for Valentine's Day

Physical touch 

buy some nice cream or body oil and indulge in some physical touch. 

I think we could all use a little more of this! Treat your partner to  a nice back massage and get one in return! Set the vibe by lighting your favorite candles, turn the lights down and relax! You deserve it! 


creative date nights for single people

Cook something out of the norm

This one can be fun and I encourage you to either channel your inner ancestry or try a new culture! Make something that takes time like, perogies, gyoza or anything else that comes to mind! 



at-home date nights for Valentine's day

Rental a hotel room with a bath tub for two

Whether you are solo or in a relationship, this is a must! You get to create this beautiful pocket of time away from chores, pets and/or kids to just be. If this is a solo treat, bring a journey, something artsy, and take this time to connect with yourself. If      you're in a relationship, bring your creams or oils, and use this time to talk about your dreams and visions for the future! 



date night ideas for couples

Buy something you can use that night

lingerie, box of chocolates, and a bottle of champagne. Cheesy? Let it be! Here is my personal fav (and my husband's) lingerie set!


Sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day can boost your mood

Celebrate the day or not. We can all take advantage of the incredible deals of buying the things you already love. Heck, you might even be inspired to try something new! If that's the case, go for it!


If you want to dive a little deeper into a history lesson then what I'm willing to write about, you can find it here:


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