The Wounded Feminine Expression & Reclaiming My Power Back Daya Derya’s Story


Before my healing & awakening journey took me on my feminine energy healing path, for as long as I can remember I have always been more in my masculine energy.

I once truly believed I was born this way; to be more masculine energy than feminine energy within.

Yet this was very far from the truth. The truth is every human being has equal amounts of feminine & masculine energies when we enter this Earth plane. Through societal conditioning & programming we now see men who are more feminine than ever, and women who are more masculine than ever. The goal is it to bring back equilibrium.

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Bring back balance within our sacred vessels, to honour both the feminine & masculine energies. This is the law of duality & polarity. Yin & Yang. After one failed toxic relationship with men to another, and another, and another; these mirrors were a clear reflection of my unhealed feminine side. So I packed my bags after my breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, left Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Costa Rica to commit to my healing journey without any excuses this time.

My transformations began quick

The moment I landed in Costa Rica I felt my entire body awakening with more &


more truths preparing me for what is to come. The amount of trauma I went through with my most recent ex-boyfriend was completely blocked out of my mind when first arriving, and soon enough all my darkness came to light. I realized quickly how much abuse I let myself experience & go through. My ex was the perfect mirror to reflect back to me the darkness I had within. Where I once thought our sex life was so sacred, divine, and special; one day I woke up completely to the truth that I was choosing abuse through sex the entire time.

It’s common for women to choose physical abuse, rough dominance, and role play, during intimacy with a partner (a man in my case.) I truly believed this was my sexual awakening, because these behaviours were the only thing that would make me feel pleasure & almost awaken something in me inside. After finally choosing self-love in all areas & aspects of my life, it was very obvious I was hurting myself in the past through sex. It was my wounded feminine energy that was being expressed during this sexual intimacy. My little girl, inner child, who was so numb & hurt from this life that was willing to do anything to be loved & cared for.

I knew once leaving this relationship, moving to Costa Rica, that I would vow to stay celibate & not even for a second think about entering a relationship again.


To choose & love myself so fully that I have no need to seek something outside of me. And if another soul presents themselves in this same manner, being 100% dedicated to ascension & evolving Earth’s consciousness, then so be it.

But I now know I do not need anyone or anything to be in my highest timeline self of abundant love & balanced feminine & masculine expression. My daughters & sons to come will know what it means to be so in love with yourself, your neighbours, & this Mother Earth. This is just a sprinkle of my story I shared with you today, if you are interested to hear more please let me know. Soon I will be re-launching my podcast, if you have any questions send me a message.

By: Daya, Derya Azizian - Daya, Derya is based in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. She holds online Ancient Egyptian Goddess ceremonies that incorporate feminine energy healing, & virtual 1:1 sessions. Derya is a warrior of light on a mission to support others from their darkness & traumas, to rise into love & light consciousness within.

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