Think Like A Monk


How do you see yourself in the mirror? 

In the book, Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, he shares his experiences of training to become a monk and now he teaches these principles to the “everyday” world.  

In it he shares this statement, "Most of us see ourselves not as we think we are. Not as what others think of us. But how we think others think we are."  

Re-read that again and let it sink in. He tells this great story where he was sat down in front of this dusty mirror by an older monk and was asked to look at his reflection. He said, “I can’t see


anything, just dust.” The monk proceeded to blow the dust off of the mirror and had him look again. This time he asked...are you the dust, or is it you?

The moral of the story is we get so caught up that we don’t even realize our reflection has become the dust that we are looking through–that we are so many layers away from our true identity.

I believe as women, our work is to get to the pure reflection in the mirror and fully see ourselves not through the world, not through what we think others think of us, not through others perceptions or judgments or even our own, but the truth of our unique identity from within.

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Lately, I found myself getting really down that my body isn’t responding in ways that it had in the past. Weight seemed to be holding on in different ways and places. Wrinkles appearing under my eyes. What I’m noticing now is my body is asking for different kinds of workouts as more of an honoring of the body as a vessel rather than a pushing it to be or look like someone else. 

I drove to an early morning yoga class this week and the instructor asked us to look in the mirror and see ourselves as FIERCE

And for the first time I SAW HER...the wise sage that is emerging. Lately, I’ve only been wanting


to criticize, judge, and be frustrated because she’s changing me quickly.  

My body, my soul is signaling it’s time to enter a new season of life. What I quickly came to realize is that I don’t have to fight her, resist her, or make her look like she’s still 25 or even 35… but that she’s asking me to fully, authentically embrace this new part of her.

This wise part of her. This unapologetic part of her.

Even seeing her as fierce took on new meaning... a softer fierceness is what I began to see emerge.

An ancient wisdom that comes from her experiences. A strength that comes from within and is shaken near as easily by the world. 

What I’m noticing more and more is that the goal setting, achieving, outcome earlier version of myself as a woman has been great at getting me certain things in life…

Yet sexy is changing its definition for me, and honoring the beauty deep within myself is emerging even more. That everything I "strive" for now is not because of reaching a goal but that it’s about aligning to what I deeply value and that if it doesn’t have meaning it’s no longer worth my time.

Maybe in this season of the changing world you are beginning to notice this too or maybe you are feeling your body entering into a new season of aging as well.  

What if we choose to fully celebrate her. Honor her. Love her. Give her what she needs to be in vibrant health and energy in this new stage. That which comes from within and no longer is attached or based on how we look in a bikini or thong underwear, seeking approval, and having a wall of goals set based on society’s definition of success.

What if we allowed her the sacred space to teach us from within? I’m even noticing what once


used to be important to me changing at the very second. Moment to moment I am being taken where God is leading me next.

It’s in balancing our humanity and our divinity. Completely on the basis of a deeper calling within and nothing else.

Leading from a grounded power instead of force.

Rising even higher above the noise and focusing only on that which creates ultimate service.

I see this woman for us all emerge with a strong sense of what grace really means for ourselves, each other, and for the world.  As we continue to climb mountains, experience life to the fullest, explore without regret, and expand into new edges……yet in an essence of presence and wisdom rather than pushing.

In a new sacred way that is full of unconditional love and surrender to the changes of this season God is calling both our bodies and our souls into.  

So, today I invite you to shed another piece of you and get closer to your truth. Your true identity in that mirror. Even if it starts with honoring where you are right in the moment and loving what got you right here.  

Do you see her emerging from within and wiping away the dust?

The light in me honors the light in you.

By Keri Stanley - Keri Stanley is the CEO of Keri Stanley Coaching and Inspirational Speaker. As a Top Female Life & Performance Coach,  her passion is helping women leaders to create space to lead their lives fulfilled & on fire as they rise in their career. Facilitating global retreats, online masterminds, and leadership coaching; Keri works with leaders across the world to align their life to create the greatest impact. As a mother of teenage twin boys, marathon runner, and personal development junkie, Keri is always creating a life of fulfilling adventure across the globe.

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