Top Ten Inspirational Females | Ep.1 of 6

Top Ten Inspirational Females |  Ep.1 of 6

The top ten inspirational females we think you need in your life.

We are celebrating women around the world this week! While we usually only get a day, known as, International Women's Day (March 8), here at Modern Match Lingerie, we're stretching the celebration out for a week! Throughout this week we will share a blog a day (Mon.-Fri.) featuring, strong and empowering women we think you should be following on social media.

These women aren't afraid to be vocal and vulnerable on a social platform, while standing up for what's right. This is a six part series we've named "Top Ten Inspirational Females," so stay tuned for more empowering women! We are kicking things off with Canadian Instagram Self-Love advocate and Beauty Influencer, Hayley Noelle. Hayley shared with us some of her tips on how to not let social media affect you.

Hayley is from Prince George, B.C., Canada, and started her journey sharing her love for make-up back in 2016.


Modern Match (MM):#PGProud am I right? ;) I am obsessed with your make-up looks! Recently you've kinda shifted what you share on Instagram, and we love it! For those who don't know you, start off by telling us what your niche is and how you knew it was something you had to share with the world.

Hayley: I’d say my niche is beauty. This includes makeup and fashion, but also inner beauty and self-love. Back in 2016 I started posting photos of makeup looks I did and started building a following on my social media accounts. I have always loved photography and playing with makeup, so this seemed like an easy way to share my art form. I started by focusing specifically on eyeshadow looks as I love doing them! As I have grown up though, my passions have changed a bit and I knew I wanted to make others, specifically women, feel better about themselves. This is why I recently expanded to share more self-love and mid-plus size fashion content. 

MM: Social can be quite the scary place sometimes, with the amount of negativity that sometimes courses through its veins. What are some of the challenges you've faced, in your journey being a fierce and inspirational woman advocating self-love on social media?

Hayley: Body shaming and general negativity are probably the hardest things I have had to deal with in my efforts to be vulnerable. Having others comment on my body can be quite challenging, especially when it’s something I have struggled with for so long. It's also difficult sharing my body and thoughts with people I know who may be judging what I post, especially since there is still a stigma associated with posting more “risqué” content. I should add that I am white, cis, and able-bodied so I do not face as many challenges as others do, especially in the self-love and body positivity community.



MM: Like we said earlier, social media can be a really cruel place sometimes, so how have you gone about rising up above the adversities you've faced?

Hayley: Thankfully I haven’t experienced anything too difficult in my journey, but there are a few things that definitely helped me overcome the adversities that I have had to deal with. Some of these things include having a group of supportive people that I can run things by and vent to, taking advantage of the block and delete buttons on my social media accounts, making time for self care, and learning when to just step away and not respond to certain things.

MM: I get that, the block and delete buttons really can come in handy! What's a tidbit of advice you'd give a babe looking to find her voice but struggling to?

Hayley: One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer is to just do what feels right to you. Other people’s opinions and comments do not matter as long as you can stand behind what you say/do. If you are happy with yourself and your decisions, nobody else’s opinions matter. At the end of the day, you’re really the only person that has to live with yourself. Your voice matters and I promise that there are people who want to hear it!



MM: Yes! That's beautiful! It's so true too, there's always people who will resonate with what you have to say! Okay, last questions, why do you think it's important for women to find and embrace their voices?

Hayley: It is so crucial for other women to find their voices and share their stories so we can have more amazing female role models. Women face so many pressures from society and hopefully if we continue to be vulnerable and speak our truths, our future generations will have countless more incredible women to look up to. Also, when we speak up we can create a community which can help other women feel supported and inspired. Furthermore, women still have not reached equality in many aspects and to solve this we need to continue to use our voices and be heard. 

Follow Hayley on social here: hayleynoellexo


  • Dorothy Friesen

    Humans come in all shapes, sizes, skin shades, hair colours, abilities, and all are beautiful. What is important is how they treat others, not their looks. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

  • Sheri Dwyer

    Props to you Hayley. It’s hard to hear your own voice sometimes over the haters. Thank you for the reminder to be true to ourselves and remember that only our opinion matters, not everyone else’s. That is something I struggle with…putting yourself out there and allowing the Debbie Downers to take control of your feelings, even though you try not to do that. They might be only 1%, but their voices scream the loudest. It takes a conscious effort to remember the 99% that support and love, to be able to use their voices to drown out the haters. You are beautiful and I admire what you are doing. Thank you for the boost and the reminder that we’re all fighting the same fight even though our artistry and armour is different.

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