Top Ten Inspirational Females | Ep.2 of 6

Top Ten Inspirational Females | Ep.2 of 6

If you're a mom struggling with body image after baby, here's one of our top ten inspirational females we think you need to follow!

The month of March is when International Women's Day is celebrated, and here, at Modern Match Lingerie, we've decided to make this a week long celebration! From Monday March 8th, 2021 through March 12th we are featuring a few of the many strong, inspiring and empowering women of the world!

Shirley Tittermary, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, is THEE mom to follow on Instagram. As women, there are a lot of pressures that are placed on us by society, whether it's to be a career woman and the perfect mom, while also being an amazing cook and finding the time to cook, birthing babies and making sure you're raising them right, while also maintaining a house, and making sure you make it to Pilates. Yeah, there's a lot of pressure to be the perfect mom. We chose to interview Shirley as part of our, Top Ten Inspirational Females project, because Shirley is authentically real. She doesn't lie about her struggles on social media, and she embraces the beauty of our body's evolution after baby.

So if you find yourself struggling with body image after baby, Shirley's the mom you NEED to follow on Instagram!



Modern Match (MM): First and foremost, I'm in love with your content and with your authenticity! Thank you for keeping it real online! What would you say your niche is and why are you passionate about sharing it with the world?

Shirley: I would say my niche is women, moms around the ages of 28-40 that feel ok in the skin they're in, but not as amazing as they could feel. Maybe they don’t love their bodies totally but are also not going to the gym to do anything about it at the same time–I think that is perfectly ok! Sometimes when I am researching hashtags, it is filled with BEFORE AND AFTERS: getting rid of stretch marks, fix this or fix that. I just want to be the one that is like, "HEY! You don't need to change anything about your body now if you don’t want to."

MM: The internet can be quite the scary place, especially as a woman with a voice! What challenges have you faced?

Shirley: I am so happy to say I have had nothing but positive feedback. Every now and then people ask me, what if your family sees this? My response to that is, "If anyone who knows me in real life is shocked by my social media feeds, they did not know me well enough in the first place." With that being the case, it makes that opinion mean even less.



MM:I am so happy to hear you've had nothing but positive feedback! With that being said, have there been any adversities you've faced while sharing your authentic self online?

Shirley: When you show up half naked online, there will be men in my DMs. You can usually tell right away who is just a creep and who isn’t. There is a block button for a reason. In that sense, sometimes I worry I am not reaching who I want to reach. I ask myself, am I doing something wrong? I try to remember that if they are doing that crap to me they are doing it to everyone else and it isn’t an algorithm thing, it is a “men love to show their dick off to anyone” thing.

MM: ooOOO girl, you don't hold back–I love that, haha! Okay, so if you could give a piece of advice to women who, perhaps, are more timid of expressing their thoughts and opinions out loud, what would it be?

Shirley: The more you do it, the better it feels. Each time you show up, you reach more people. People that need to hear and see you living in that truth so that they can live theirs. You cannot possibly imagine how many people you may be inspiring in your thoughts. For anything you ever felt you were alone in, I promise you, you are not.



MM: These have been some really great tips, babe! They've definitely given us awesome insight into how to become women with a voice, and being loud and proud about it! Why do you think it's important for women to find their voices, and embrace them?

Shirley: It is important for them to find their voice for all the years they have put themselves on the backburner of life. For all the things they were told would make them happy, and once they got them, it didn’t. For all the times someone told them they were too loud, too embarrassing. All the things other people could not handle are all the things that make them THEM.

MM: Shirley, that's seriously so inspiring, thank you for sharing. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Shirley: I never thought that I would be in this capacity. The messages I receive from other women thanking me for showing up the way I do because it inspired them to show up for themselves, it is almost unfathomable. I remember what it felt like to lose myself after having my son. I remember not recognizing myself in the mirror because I had stopped taking care of me. It didn't have to be that way for that long but it's a cycle that I decided I had the chance to break every single day for my own happiness. Some people might read that and think that it's selfish but I disagree. When you are taking care of a family, a home, a job, a partner etc., it all starts with you. If you don’t feel good how on earth are any of those things going to function well?

Follow Shirley on Instagram here.

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