Top Ten Inspiring Females | Ep.3 of 6

Top Ten Inspiring Females | Ep.3 of 6

Here's one of the top ten inspiring females we think you should be following on social media!

At Modern Match Lingerie we love all women, and that's why we're stretching out International Women's Day into a Week. Why? Because we love WOMEN! Shy babes, loud babes, empowering babes, and those on their journeys to discover themselves–WE.LOVE.YOU.ALL. This is the third part in our series: Top Ten Inspiring Females, so if you're looking for more inspiring women to follow on social, make sure to head back to our "Blog" section and check out the rest!

Boobs, boobies, tits, tats, tatas, the girls–whatever you call them, they always stir up conversation. That's why when we ran into the account: @itsmeguilty on Instagram, we were immediately intrigued. I mean it was just boobs, boobs, EVERYWHERE, and us being us, well we were immediately all over it.

Meet Manon, owner of Instagram Account: @itsmeguilty. Manon who's from Geneva, Switzerland, is just as passionate about boobs as we are–and you're about to see why!




Modern Match (MM): Boobs, boobs, BOOBS! You're pretty much as obsessed with them as we are! ;) What sparked your passion for boobs?

Manon: I haven’t seen that many artists being that obsessed with one and only one topic as much I am heheh. And I think that’s my strength and that is what is helping me to be seen in the social media jungle. That monomaniac passion I have for boobies started in 2017. I was hiking with Quentin, he was starting analog photography and he took a picture of me, with my sweatshirt up, showing my breast. I loved that picture, it made me feel good about myself and my body. I decided to share it on my personal Instagram account. Reactions came instantly. People were like “you are naked on the internet. We can see your tits. Your T-I-T-S. Have you gone mad?” and others were like “This is so great; I’m supporting you 100%”. This is when I thought “Daaamn, boobies are one hell of a thing. They make people talk. But at the same time, it’s just a part of our body. It’s just flesh”… And this is when ideas started to flow instantly. Bought some paper, watercolour and a brush and started painting. And I never stopped.

MM: You said yourself, boobs get people one might assume that you probably get a fair share of negativity on social media, especially being a woman talking about titties!

Manon: I have never faced any challenges yet. I might be an exception or lucky maybe? I don’t know. But all I got so far is love, care and respect. And this is priceless. I am a really happy person, I like to bring joy everywhere I go, I guess people can feel it through my artwork. I’m trying to find an explanation here cause to be honest I have no clue why I am getting all that love, power and care on social media. Because I know how bad, rough and overwhelming it can get.


MM: So you're saying that even though you draw boobs, you've never had any backlash?

Manon: I have never faced any challenges yet on social platforms. My journey is a very smooth ride, and I am so grateful for that. Making cute jokes about titties and drawing in a cartoony way might be helping. I’ve never been banned or censored by the platform itself; I have never been attacked by people not liking my thoughts and beliefs. I’m all about unicorns and rainbows (and boobies obviously).

MM: Honestly, I am so happy to hear that you haven't had any negative feedback! My boyfriend once said to me "You could be having the worst day, but if you get one glance at titties, it's all okay." So I guess boobs make people happy haha! Anyway, what's one piece of advice you'd give to women, perhaps struggling to find their voice?

Manon: My illustrations are pretty much the only way I express my thoughts and opinions. This is my way of communicating. This is my way of sharing joy, diversity, love, understanding and anything else anyone can feel through my art. And that’s how I like it. I was so scared to share my art with the world in the first place. I have never been a skilled drawer and I am constantly learning. Everything is basically driven by the constant flow of ideas I have. What also helped is my family and friends, my environment. A lot of people I know and love are in that artistic vibe and it was a huge push for me to finally be like “okay girl, you can do this.” But one thing I learned from that: Keep your own pace. Always. Express yourself the way you want to, but always keep your very own pace. You have your own rhythm and you have to follow it. 



MM: OMG, I could talk about boobs, literally ALL DAY! But we are going to have to wrap it up pretty quick here, so I have to ask, why do you think it's important for other women to find their voices, and embrace them?

Manon: Because we are a fuckin’ team all together. We are powerful. We are beautiful. We are connected.

MM: Love that! Okay, last one! Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Manon: Keep rockin’!

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Photo Credit: @akwrd.slnce

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