Underwear That Doesn’t Ride Up

Underwear That Doesn’t Ride Up

Raise your hand if you absolutely hate it when your panties end up in places that they shouldn’t. *raises hand*


Finding underwear that doesn’t ride up is hard, and the thing that’s so frustrating about it is that it shouldn’t be! It should be easy. Good thing you ended up here hey? We are about to introduce you to some of the best panties in the market that will keep you from picking out a wedgie in the middle of your lunch run.

Life’s a ride, your panties shouldn’t be

Shauna Allan, owner of Modern Match Lingerie saw the problem. She herself


had experienced panties that crammed their way into places nothing should ever be “crammed” into, and had heard from countless women, their frustration of undies moving, and bunching throughout the day in skirts, shorts, pants, and dresses.

So when she set out to create Modern Match Lingerie, she was on a mission to create panties that stayed put all darn day. When she approached her manufacturer and design consultant they created a solution to a very large problem faced by women around the world. Creating double bonded seams was the simple solution. This style of seam goes a long way in supporting you to continue to ride the wave of life, without your panties riding you.

Meet The Panties



When it comes to underwear that doesn’t ride up, we thought a Thong was a MUST-HAVE! Seeing that a lot of women love rocking a thong on the regular, not only did we create one that was made to be forgotten about (as a panty should be) but we also ensured it could not be seen #invisibility. Even through your tightest leggings, you won’t see seams on our Go-To Thong, and yes, you can expect it to lay flat on your bum all day long.


Panty #2 in our Underwear that does not ride up series! This panty is stunning, and is great for those lovely ladies who prefer having full-bum coverage! Our lace overlay on the front of the panty elevates it adding a layer of sexy while on the back we’ve got our classic seamless feature, as well as our no-ride seams, which will keep you from scrunching and bunching or picking and digging.


Our Community Fave, and the final panty in our “Underwear that does not ride up” series! The Cheeky Panty. This little number has got to be the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn. You see not only is it playful, great for date night, and flatter everyone’s booty, but it’s also made to be worn by the modern woman. Whether you’re working from home or hitting meeting after meeting and presentation after presentation, do it knowing your booty is looking hella fine under it all! #Yourlittlesecret 


Check out Modern Match Lingerie's entire collection here.

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