Underwear Without Lines

Underwear without lines made by Modern Match Lingerie

I am not a fan of panty lines–I’m just being honest.

But whether you’re a fan of underwear with lines, or underwear without lines, it is safe to say that we are all just trying to find comfortable panties that we can forget about all damn day.

I’ve had my fair share of awful panties in my 24 years of life on this planet. You know, the ones that get into your hooha and feel like sandpaper between your supple southern lips. Or the ones that gradually begin to ride as you move throughout your day...or the ones that give you THEE most insane panty lines you’ve ever seen.

Good panties can be hard to come by.

Why I Don’t Enjoy Panty Lines

Comfortable seamless thong underwear by modern match lingerie

I think this stems back to my teen years. I wasn’t allowed to buy thongs because my mom used to say that thongs were what strippers and prostitutes wore and that there was no point in them because they didn’t cover anything. No shade on my mom, love her to pieces, we just grew up with different beliefs.

Anyway, so picture 13-year-old Veronica make-shifting her own thongs in her bedroom late at night with her moms’ gold scissors. There I was, taking my bikini panties and trying to make them into thongs. I mean, I needed thongs. Why? Because my high school years were the beginning of the legging trend, and that meant there could be no panty lines!


underwear without lines made to empower the modern day woman by modern match lingerie

Being a teenager, with a pair of scissors and no sewing skills at the time, left me wearing raggedy underwear that subsequently showed more lines than they did then when there were a full-on bikini panty. UGH, THE FRUSTRATION! I remember having to wait in line to change in a changing room for gym class instead of changing with all the other girls in the locker room. I also remember going an entire day at school with THE WORST panty lines known to man! I only saw how bad they were when I got home–yes, I was wearing leggings that day so you could imagine how embarrassing that was for me.

bikini and thong underwear without lines by Modern Match Lingerie

So I suppose you could blame my fascination with underwear without lines on the trauma of my teenage years. Don’t get me wrong I do think that underwear lines under certain outfits can be cute, for example, underwear lines under a thick pair of mom jeans to me is a statement. To me, that means you’re confident in yourself and you know you’re wearing awesome panties, and want the world to know. I also think that showing off a bit of your underwear at the hip when wearing mom jeans is also a statement piece that says: “I am wearing the sickest underwear right now”. Just like when men show off their little bands that say “Calvin Klein,” or “Tommy Hilfiger.” It doesn’t just have to be a ‘guy’ thing, ladies, let’s take back the band!

My favourite underwear without lines

As I said earlier there are a lot of uncomfortable bras and panties out there and finding ones that are comfortable, and wear well under your tightest leggings at the gym isn’t easy. But baby, baby, I have cracked the code! I have found the perfect undies for you! Modern Match Lingerie’s Go-To Thong has become my go-to, every morning. Whether I am heading to the gym or simply heading to the office, I know I’m wearing the best underwear without lines possible!

Modern Match Lingerie Go-To Thong



This thong was built to go to work and also hit the gym with you after. Its fabric is made stretchy so it can move with you as you workout, returning to its original shape after wear. It has double seamed edges to prevent any riding throughout the day and helps it lay flat so there are no lines! I think my favorite thing about these is that they feel like a second skin!

Modern Match Cheeky Panty

I love this panty SO much! You’ll look so sexy and FEEL INCREDIBLE! Again, it features extremely comfortable materials that are made to move with you throughout your day and the best part? The lace isn’t itchy or uncomfortable! I mean it, I took this panty to the lake with me, and even though I was roughing it out, I felt super cute in my underclothes. The lace lays flat all day and doesn’t ride up, and it creates minimal panty lines.

Modern Match Bikini Panty

Seamless and comfortable bikini panty by modern match lingerie

Sometimes, I actually DO feel like wearing something a little cozier, and the Modern Match seamless bikini does that! Full coverage panties without underwear lines. With their stretchy material, these panties are made to move, as well as made to be totally forgotten about with their anti-roll seamless seams.

So when it comes to underwear without lines, I am a huge fan of the Modern Match panties because they offer so much comfort regardless of the activity I am pursuing for the day, and they’re great at preventing any panty lines!


Veronica Beltran - Veronica is part of the Digital Marketing team at Modern Match Lingerie. She is a previous journalist and news anchor. She is passionate about living a low-waste, vegan, and cruelty-free life which she shares on Instagram. Connect with Veronica here.

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