Ethically made underwear

Ethically made underwear.

We pride ourselves in bringing you ethically made underwear, bras and all things lingerie!


At Modern Match Lingerie we believe in being transparent with our current sisters, and sisters to be. Being an online company, we know that you may have questions about where our products come from, and how our empowering lingerie gets to your doorstep.

Our lingerie is designed by women for women.

In her journey to create ethically made underwear, bras and more, it took Shauna several attempts to find the perfect manufacturer to do just that.
Our Founder, Shauna, spent weeks down in California starting the designs of what would soon make up Modern Match Lingerie. After her initial frame work was complete she hired a designer, Kelley, who supported her in perfecting the tech packs to present to manufacturers.
From there the journey to physically creating the pieces began, in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, China. It took Shauna a few tries to try and find the perfect manufacturer to produce ethically made underwear, bras, and all things lingerie!
Ethically made underwear
After a few misses, she finally had a hit when she found Irene’s factory. This was what Shauna had been searching for, a manufacturer that could produce quality product while also ensuring that ethical practices are in place for workers.
From there, our products are shipped to our headquarters in Prince George B.C., Canada. Here we receive and fulfill your orders with care.


At Modern Match Lingerie not only do we make ethically made underwear, bras and more but we also care about the environment. That is why we make sure we use sustainable packaging. 
At Modern Match Lingerie we are constantly evolving, which means we are evolving our eco-friendly practices as well. We care about the planet and the footprint we are leaving behind. We were recently featured in the Sustainable Jungle publication for our ethical practices, you can read it here. We are always looking for ways we can do even more to reduce waste by using recyclable or reusable packing. Being a sustainable brand is an educational journey and we are always looking for way to improve our processes.
Just as we focus on our environmental footprint, at Modern Match Lingerie we are also mindful of our social and economic impact by paying our employees and partners a living wage.

Worthy Warriors

Everyone is worthy of confidence. Everyone is worthy of strength. Everyone is worthy of feeling beautiful. At Modern Match Lingerie we believe this and know it. We know that women across the world are worthy. We also know that sometimes our inner thoughts, and life experiences can get the best of us, and make us doubt our worth. We want all women, regardless of their past to find their confidence, strength, and superpower, and we believe in aiding that journey with our lingerie. That is why we upcycle products that sometimes come with small manufacturing errors and allow them a second chance at empowering women. We have partnered with the Phoenix Transition Society in Prince George, B.C., Canada, to help empower all women, because we are stronger together.

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