What Is Mercury Retrograde?


You’ve probably heard this before: “Why does it seem like the world’s against me right now?” Well, babe, it’s probably Mercury Retrograde.

But why is it that we blame our misfortune on Mercury? I mean, what is Mercury Retrograde?


What does Mercury have to do with any of this?

Let’s talk astrology for a second, because this is where the term “Mercury Retrograde” actually comes from. Each planet rules something and thus, has control over certain aspects of our life on earth. Mercury rules several earthly things, such as communication including listening, speaking, editing, learning, buying, and selling. According to astrologists Mercury also rules important agreements, contracts, leases, etc. Things that can be coded, such as computers and transportation are also ruled by Mercury, along with travel –  Yeah, mercury rules A LOT of our earthly, or should I say human activities.

How can a planet retrograde?

Well, you see, scientifically it can’t. However, every now and then (during Mercury Retrograde) from Earth, Mercury appears to be travelling backwards. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the position of the earth and Mercury as they travel around the sun.

So, what happens on earth during mercury retrograde?


Well again, according to astrology it throws all things Mercury rules into a bit of a funk. The reason for this is actually a bit interesting. You see, astrologists believe that when Mercury is in Retrograde it is in a state of slumber–talk about sleeping on the job, am I right?

During this state of “slumber,” Mercury is unable to keep up with its bestowed duties...leaving us to pay the price on earth – come on Mercury, get your shit together.

Do’s and Do not’s during Mercury Retrograde

Remember when I listed what Mercury rules? Basically, you don’t want to do any BIG things that concern those things. That means no big purchases or huge travel plans, and if you are travelling be sure to triple check everything! Avoid signing any contracts and if you absolutely HAVE to, make sure you read and re-read the fine print. You're going to want to be careful communicating during this time as misunderstandings are very likely to occur. We love technology, but not during this time of somewhat chaos. Don’t count on technology and always have a backup plan especially if it’s for something important. Try and not start anything new as it could lead to misfortune. No new jobs or life-altering decisions, and if you have to make them be sure to be extra cautious!


How Often Does Mercury Go Into Retrograde?

Please don’t shoot the messenger...Mercury Retrograde occurs between 3-4 times a year. YIKES!–side note: this reminds me of the female menstrual cycle, where we only really have 5 days of ‘normal’ hormones before we are back at it again. But yeah, it happens quite a bit. The good news? It only lasts about 3-4 weeks. The bad news? Its effects can last longer...again, don’t shoot the messenger!

Astrologists call this Mercury Retroshade (before Mercury Retrograde) and Mercury Storm (after Mercury Retrograde). Think of these two phases like this: Mercury Retroshade is like when it’s past your bedtime and you start to get grumpy. All you want is to get into your warm bed, cuddle up in the fetal position and go to sleep. And Mercury Storm is like when someone wakes you up abruptly, leaving you upset and tired for a bit before you warm up to the idea of being awake again.

bras and panties made to empower

Astrologists say that during these pre and post-periods (which can last 2-3 weeks) the planet slows down and then speeds up, thus effects can be felt before and after Mercury enters retrograde.

What to do during Mercury Retrograde:


Again, according to astrologists during Mercury retrograde, you want to take time with yourself. It’s said to be important to ‘surrender to the slowdowns’. Whether that is something that keeps you from doing something or downtime, be grateful and appreciative for them, as they’re moments that teach us lessons or allow us to catch up on life. Clean, clean, clean! We’ve all had that one pile of clothes that gradually gets bigger in the corner of our rooms–and if you haven’t, I hate you. Just kidding! I STRIVE to be like you one day! But seriously, take on those projects, and get your life in order. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to finish any unfinished projects up, so get cracking!

Reach out to people you’ve been thinking about but haven’t had the chance to catch up with.

Be gentle with you! Times are especially difficult right now, with division all around us. It is okay to remember to unplug and put yourself first.


How To Get Through Mercury Retrograde

I am HUGE on self-care and am always finding new ways to treat myself like the QUEEN I know I am–especially during Mercury Retrograde.

Self-care nights and a home that smells amazing simply go hand in hand, whether it’s incense, diffusers, or candles. Add a nice little scent to your home to help ground you. Check out the Modern Match Mercury Retrograde Candle!

Self-care is all about feeling good, and what better way to do that than with comfortable lingerie that’s sexy!? I love my underclothes and for me, they’re a HUGE way in how I express myself, and a huge part of what makes me feel incredible. Paying attention to our underthings is a great piece of self-care that as women, we sometimes overlook. I’m telling you right now, don’t overlook it, babe! Here’s my favourite bra and panty by Modern Match Lingerie that I am IN LOVE with, and help me feel incredible during Mercury Retrograde.

Veronica Beltran - Veronica is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Modern Match Lingerie, and has a passion to empower and support women in stepping into their superpower. Veronica is also a previous Journalist and News Anchor. In her spare time, she enjoys creating social media content. Connect with Veronica here.

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