What Is My Breast Shape


Conical, east-west, athletic, teardrop?

Yup, your breasts have a specific shape but most of us don’t know this! If you’re here though, you’ve posed the question “what is my breast shape” to yourself recently or you saw this article and thought it would make a fun read (it will).

Before I started working in lingerie, I had no idea what breast density, shape, or size had to do with anything…I mean I was also wearing the wrong bra size back


then…so that tells ya how in tune I was with my boobs.

You know those moments when you strip and stare at yourself naked in the mirror before a shower? It was on one of those occasions that I found myself staring at my breasts–my breasts, staring right back at me…and I said “what even are you?”

Yes, I was wondering what shape my breasts are. By looking at my own I really couldn't decipher a shape, so I googled: what is my breast shape, and girl, I discovered so many shapes–it straight up blew my mind!

What does breast shape have to do with anything?

Your breast shape really does decide a lot about the bra you wear. As a matter of fact, it is probably the most important thing in determining the best style of bra for you!

Breast Density

Breast density plays a role in the bras that will look best on you. I mean, you can rock just about anything with confidence, but there are always specific styles that will always flatter your specific shape more than others. Fuller breasts will thrive in a bra with a smaller cup, such as a demi-cup, or a balconette– this also goes for breasts with a more full top half. Breasts with less density might thrive in a wireless bra or a contour bra.


One Boob Is Bigger Than The Other

Girl, do not worry about it– me too! I remember when I first realized this in middle school, I was pretty embarrassed about it. The first person I confessed it to was one of my closest friends, I vividly remember blushing and looking down at my feet after my fessing up. My face immediately shot back up and lit up when she said “girl, me too!”  So we began conducting our own research and to our surprise, we were not alone. As a matter of fact, Healthline says that uneven breasts affect more than half of all women.


Do Boobs Change Overtime?

You bet they do!

There are a ton of reasons why your breasts could change! Here are some of


the most common reasons:

  • Weight gain or loss: weight gain can lead to your breasts gaining more density, while weight loss can cause loss of breast density
  • Pregnancy: growing a baby in your belly means a whole lot of things in your body are changing, and your breasts are one of them! During pregnancy you can see an increase in volume, continuing into post-partum. Pregnancy can also cause a loss in breast density
  • Hormones/ birth control: a change in hormonal levels can also cause an increase in breast size

What Is My Breast Shape

There are a lot of breast shapes out there, but once you take a peek below you’ll never ask “What is my breast shape” again.




This is where I fit in! Itty bitties baby! The athletic breast is usually a bit more wide-set on the chest and consists of less breast tissue and more muscle.



Bell Shape

The bell shape is just as it sounds. They kinda resemble bells, with a slimmer top area, and most of the breast density near the bottom of the breast.



Close Set

Close-set breasts are just boobies who don’t like to be alone! ;) They’re right next to each other, creating very little room between each other, and leaving a bit more room between your underarm and your breasts.



Okay, my boobs kinda resemble this one too! Conical shapes are usually a lot more common in smaller boobs. If your boobs are conical they kinda point out like a cone would, rather than being round.





Sounds like Kim K’s next kid. If your breasts point outwards then you have easty-westies.




Round boobies are full all around, this is usually the most common shape after having breast implants.



Side Set

Boobs that are side-set leave are the opposite of close set breasts. These leave more of a gap in between the breasts and kind of point outwards a bit.




These breasts are narrow and usually, the nipple will point downwards.




Teardrop boobs are very similar to bell-shaped breasts, except these will have a bit more density on the top versus bell-shaped ones. You have teardrop breasts if the bottom of your breast is rounded, and just a little more full than the top.

So I hope that you will never need to ask “What is my breast shape” again! Now that you know a bit more about your boobs, find out what bras suit your breasts, best!

Didn’t find your shape? Tell me in the comments and I’ll give you a hand!


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