Why Is It Harder For Some To Lose Weight

The Bra Bra Sisterhood celebrates the many women within our community by sharing their story and knowledge to empower others.

Have you ever fallen for the trap of “drink this magic shake to shed the weight NOW”? Maybe more than once, wondering if it was just the brand that didn’t work. Did you know, it's estimated the health industry is worth $702 billion according to the Global Wellness Institute? An industry thriving on the desperation of just wanting to feel good in our bodies. And although these shakes work for some, for others it is a waste of money and can often lead to feelings of shame, guilt and worse: depression.

So why is it harder to lose weight for some but others it seems easy?

The burning question we should be focused on is, “why do we fall for these traps”? We already know from experience that the magic cleanse didn’t shed 10 pounds in a week like it promised.  

In our Facebook private community, the Bra Bra Sisterhood, we lifted the curtain on how we all experience the whoas of the health journey. We’ve ALL been there at some point. Frustrated of eating salads and our jeans still feeling tight, bloating, and fatigue. The enticing marketing of a quick fix seems like the answer, but in reality, there’s a lot more going on underneath that we’re avoiding. 

One of the many things I love about the Bra Bra Sisterhood is the wealth of experts and women from different walks of life to shed light on various topics. Because, hey, Sisters don’t keep secrets, right?

Women supporting women on a multitude of levels. 

I reached out to our fellow sister, Erin Vogt, to offer her expertise in health, weight loss, and simply feeling stuck. She’s a health and life coach, but what was more beautiful was she, too, has experienced body shame, anxiety, post-partum, and depression. It’s why she does what she does! 

As I prepared for our Sisterhood Spotlight, I made a list of conversation starters I wanted her to provide insight on. But honestly, I only got to ask one question before the discussion took a life of its own, “Tell us a little bit about you.” After that, the conversation took off in this winding journey of all the things women experience: losing our identity, shame, how feelings of depression can creep up on you without even knowing, the trap of comparison, and what’s underneath the desperation of wanting to lose weight.   


Grab your cozy beverage and join us to uncover what’s truly in the gap of reaching your wellness goals. 




Our Sisterhood Spotlight shares why it's harder for some to lose weight over others

Erin Vogt made the brave leap to follow her heart by supporting women who experience anxiety, depression and mental illness. It was her own experiences of post-partum depression, living with anxiety and being diagnosed with ADHD in her 30’s that called her into action to create a safe place for others. It’s not easy asking for support. Because let’s face it, we’re used to being the ones to give support. If you have found yourself in a similar boat, I encourage and personally recommend reaching out to her here 


You can also join her private community hereCreating Freedom for Women, where she supports women by providing simple action steps to unshackle the grip of anxiety and feeling stuck.   

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