Comfy Clothes That Look Good

Comfy Clothes That Look Good

It can be a struggle to find comfy clothes that look good. I always used to say that I’d rather be caught dead wearing sweatpants, than having someone see me in them at home, or worse, out of the house–no hate if you do wear sweatpants, this is my personal opinion of them on myself.

For the longest time they weren’t part of my wardrobe because I thought wearing sweatpants meant that I’d given up on life. Thank god for 2020, am I right? This is when we saw the rise in comfort clothes. I’d always been dying to wear comfier clothes, I hate tight jeans that make me feel like I am going to explode at the end of a long work day when my guts have decided to bloat. I hate corset tops–even though they’re stunning...not great for comfort. I hate itchy materials, I hate clothing that has an itchy spot...I hate clothing that can’t move easily with me. Sure, I work in an office and spend the day sitting...but after work I want to be able to run to the grocery store in comfort and mobility!

The same goes for my lingerie. I DO NOT want to be wearing uncomfortable lingerie all day. I DO NOT want to be wearing a bra and have the straps slip off. I DO NOT want to have my boobs spill out, or have gaping cups. This is why I am honestly so glad I found Modern Match Lingerie. Comfortable lingerie that looks good.

Below I will share with you some of the comfortable clothing that looks good whether you’re heading to work, a meeting, or running errands, and of course at the base of any good outfit comes quality and comfortable lingerie.

Comfy clothes that look good style guide 1

Comfy Clothes That Look Good Style #1: The Comfortable Working Gal

The last thing you want at work is to be constantly readjusting your clothing. I’ve been there and it’s seriously THE WORST! So, starting in the most intimate of places (your underthings) I recommend the Front Closure Wireless Bra or the Wire-Free Lace Bra (available in XS-3XL), along with the Modern Match Lingerie, Go-To Thong. These two are the epitome of underthing comfort, seriously. The wireless bra allows for comfort and sexiness because you deserve to feel beautiful and empowered at the same time. Choose between spill support or not – depending on your breasts you may want the added spill support as not all breasts like deep V’s. Moving on to the outer layer. A top and bottom from Leze the Label, some jewelry from Fair Jewelry, white sneakers from Everlane, and you are ready to tackle ANYTHING!


Comfy Clothes that look good style guide #2

Comfy Clothes That Look Good Style #2: The Work From Home Look

Let’s start from the inside out. For underthings, I would pair the Modern Match Lingerie Contour Bra with the Bikini Panty. The contour provides an ultra-thin memory foam lining allowing the material to mold to your breast while keeping it cool throughout the day. The straps on this are adjustable to fit to as many work from home outfits as you’d like! The Bikini panty is equally versatile as it's seamless style allows you to pair it with more bottoms, and it doesn't roll up as you move throughout the day! I would pair this with a super casual T-Shirt from Everlane, along with The Bod pants from FIG Clothing, Sacred Soul Design Co. Jewelry, and since we are at home, SLIPPERS!


Comfy clothes that look good style guide #3

Comfy Clothes That Look Good Style #3: The Sexy Gal Seeking Comfort

Let’s get right into it. For this look you have to start by wearing the Modern Match Lingerie Longline Bra, it’s sexiness is absolutely undeniable! While to the eye it may not look practical, it, like its sister bras was built to provide you with comfort, sexiness, and the utmost empowerment! The Longline fairs really well under blouses in the summer and thicker knit sweaters in the winter. This paired with the Modern Match Cheeky panty, (that DOES NOT ride up) will have you feeling like a QUEEN! –The power of what you wear, am I right?! I’d layer this sexy outfit with this stunning navy blouse from Quince, white denim jeans from ABLE, and these awesome statement heels by Matt and Nat!

Overall, I really want to point out the importance of your underthings. While, you may want to look like a million bucks on the inside and the outside, your inside stuff...that is your armour. It’s what says “Hey body, I love you, you’re amazing and we’ve got this. Let’s go kick some a$$!” Hope you found these style guides helpful!

What are your favourite comfy brands, tell us in the comments!

Veronica Beltran - Is a part of the Digital Marketing Team at Modern

Match Lingerie Team, previously she was a Journalist and News Anchor. On her spare time she enjoys reviewing lingerie, as well as creating social media content for her vegan social media accounts.

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