Do Bras Make Your Breasts Sag?


Well well well. I was surprised to see that a lot of people have this question about their tatas, as this is something that has never crossed my mind. Perhaps it’s because I am part of the IBTC, or because I remember making fun of my mom's boobs as a toddler–shitty move on my part, but hey, what are kids for am


I right? 😉 Seeing my mom's sagging breasts over the years (don’t tell me you never saw your mom’s tatas) might have prepared me for what was to come.

However, seeing that it is a popular question to ask, I thought I would take some time out of my day to do some research and compile some answers for you.

First and foremost, your breasts will sag. Unless you get a boob job (and even then) your breasts will droop over time because of gravity. 

But can wearing a bra, an undergarment worn by women all over the world for centuries, really cause your breasts to become saggier?

The Study

Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science expert from the University of Besançon, France conducted a 15-year study with 320 women to determine if bras increased breast sag or not. A slide ruler and caliper (a device used to measure two opposite sides of a subject) were used to measure breast changes in women for over a decade.

The women in the study varied in age from 18 - 35. Rouillon found that women who never wore bras had nipples that were 7 millimeters higher– in relation to their shoulders, every year, compared to bra wearers.

While these are Rouillon’s findings, he does not claim that his study, conducted on a small population of women, was representative of the global population.

So What’s The Deal? Should I Be Wearing A Bra?

Well, according to breast health specialist Dr. Cassann Blake, “Wearing a bra doesn’t affect the risk of breast sagging,” aka breast ptosis.

So when it comes to whether bras make your breasts sag or not it does seem to be a divisive issue. What it will all ultimately boil down to is your preference and comfort level.

As I said earlier whether you want them to or not, your breasts will sag. As stated above, the study conducted by Rouillon is quite small and is not representative of the global population. And like quite a few other experts have said– no, wearing a bra does not affect the risk of your breasts sagging!

Just remember that over time breast tissue does sag as our bodies change– it’s normal and part of the beauty of aging! (No I did not say that sarcastically…if you read it that way that’s a you thing girl.)

Are There Benefits To Wearing A Bra?

You bet there are! See women have been wearing bras (or some configuration of a bra) since the beginning of time. Why? Girl, because sometimes the tatas can seriously get in the way, and we gotta put those puppies to rest.

Comfort is why women have worn bras for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Breasts can move 3-4 centimeters when you walk…and even more when you exercise!–Talk about getting a breast to the face! Not only this, but breasts are really just suspended pieces of fat that can get pretty heavy depending on your cup size! Think about the toll on your back of carrying around 4-pound boobs all day! (2 pounds is the average weight of a singular D cup breast) 

The Benefits Of Wearing A Bra

  • Comfort: You can move through your day without worrying about the girls moving around as much.
  • Support: The larger the breast, the harder it is on the body to carry it. Bras can offer respite from back pain
  • Empowering: You get to feel sexy, and your boobs get to look hecka good in a bra! Whether you’re in a cute sports bra, a sexy longline, or a hot wireless bra, you get to embrace feeling hotter than a hot tamale!

Should I Go Braless If I Work From Home?

Girl, going braless is ultimately up to you! No one can tell ya different! However, as a bra expert, I would recommend wearing a bra that makes you feel comfy! My go-to is the Front Closure Wireless Bra by Modern Match Lingerie. The thick band provides great support for women who are B’s- DD’s. If you’re an underwire gal through and through, then I’d recommend the Classic Contour Bra from Modern Match Lingerie. I have worn this bra on intense 12-hour days, and on laid-back at-home days and have found it to be incredibly supportive, and comfortable!

My Bra Is Uncomfortable

Let’s nip this right in the bud. If your bra is uncomfortable, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra for yourself. Check out how to know if you’re wearing the wrong bra size here. A bra should never hurt you, it should only empower you!

Veronica Beltran - Veronica is a former newsy-turned bra expert. When she isn’t talking about lingerie she’s creating Youtube reviews, restaurant hopping in new cities, or cuddling her cat Walter.

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