How To Wash Bras


How you wash your bra affects its lifespan

For the most part, most of us weren’t taught how to properly wash a bra growing up, and that’s okay! I, for one, was brought up tossing mine in the wash with all the other colours and hoping for the best. Once I upgraded from Fruit Of Loom bras and panties and began purchasing bras that cost me a bit more, I began to pay attention to how I was washing them. This is why I’ve decided to share with you how to wash bras because I want to educate and empower you!

Getting the most out of your bra ultimately comes down to two things, how to wash bras, and how to wear em. These two factors will play a large roll in how your bra continues to fit you in the months to come after purchase. Okay, let’s get into it!

How To Wash Bras:

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Tip 1: Hand Wash with gentle soap (This takes more time but ultimately will help your bras last longer. See how to get the most out of your bra.)

Tip 2: Wash in cold water!

Tip 3: Don’t use the dryer! Hang to dry

This is how the experts recommend everyone wash their bras, but the reality of the matter is that most of us don’t have time to be handwashing every 2-4 wears. So how do you wash bras when you’re always on the go? Let me explain it to you!

How to Wash Bras When You Can’t Handwash:

Tip 1: Purchase a washbag!

Tip 2: Put your bra in the washbag, and toss it in your washing machine

Tip 3: Wash in cold water

Tip 4: Hang To Dry

Using a washbag is such a great bra washing hack because not only does it protect your bra, but it also protects any of your knits that you may be tossing in the wash! The number of times that I pulled a nice sweater growing up, all because I didn’t know how to properly wash my was awful!

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Why we wash in cold water:

There are several reasons we want to wash our bras in cold water, first and foremost, hot water can, over time, damage colour, and the material your bra is made of. Hot washes can cause the elastic in your bra to stretch faster, this means looser bras faster. Maintaining colour is another great reason we want to wash in cold water, depending on how your garment was dyed, and the colour of the dye it could leak ink onto other garments. 

Why we to want air dry our bras:

I air dry all my clothes and have for the past two and a half years. I have noticed over that time that my clothes stay dark longer, and stay looking new for what seems like forever. Air-drying your bras is a great way to get the most out of your bra as the dryer will also cause the elastic in your bra to stretch, once again leading to loose-fitting bras faster than if you hang to dry.

Applying these easy tips to your bra washing routine will really help you prolong the lifespan of your bra. Hope this helped ya, and happy bra washing!

Veronica Beltran - Veronica is part of the Digital Marketing team at Modern Match Lingerie. She is a lingerie lover, and vegan recipe creator. She worked previously as a News Anchor and Journalist. On her spare time she enjoys creating vegan treats and sharing them on her social media. Connect with Veronica here.

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