Best Bras for Breast Shape

Best bras for breast shape

Finding the best bras for breast shape

Okay so now we know how to measure our breast size, and now it's time to uncover what the best bras for breast shape are! I mean, I did leave you on a bit of a cliff hanger at the end of my last blog...if you're unsure what I am going on about please refer to my previous blog in which I answer the question: How to know my bra size. Now we're moving onto the natural next question you'd likely punch into Google search: Best bras for breast shape.

I want to make it clear that I will be giving you Modern Match Lingerie recommendations based on your breast shape, as I am part of the Modern Match team! I see these bras everyday, I feel them, and I help package them up for our amazing community of women, so I am partial to these incredibly beautiful and supportive bras. 

I'm going to blow your mind!

Time to...Uh, break it down now–like our girl Queen B says. DISCLAIMER: The following sketches are merely rough images of what your boobs actually look like!

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts, these are more common than you think they are! As a matter of fact an article by Healthline says that asymmetrical breasts are seen in almost 50% of all women, with most women having slight asymmetry to their breasts.

For asymmetrical breast shapes you're going to want bras in which you are able to add padding; this will ensure you can push your smaller breast upwards to simulate the fuller look of your larger breast. *Pro Tip: When finding the best bras for Asymmetrical breasts ensure that you are sizing for your larger boob. 

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: East West Breasts

East West...isn't that one of the Kardashian's kids names? Or maybe it was West East...North East...

If you've got East West breasts then your nipples faces outwards, pointing east and west, or west and east depending where you're standing ; ) What you'll want from a bra is to have the bra pull your breasts back towards the centre. So what are the best bras for breast shape when it comes to East West breasts?

The best bras–the ones that will leave your breasts looking absolutely remarkable are contour bras. These will support your ladies while also centering them, and giving you an extremely flattering look.

Check this one out: Classic Contour Bra

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: Round Breasts

When it comes to Round Breasts...girl, I'm about to blow your mind.

Babe, you've got it a little easier than the rest of us! Round breasts typically have evenly distributed fullness throughout the entire breast. Round breasts are quite unique as most bra shapes will work well for you! #Jealous #JK #YoureBlessed

While you literally can wear anything you want...if I had your boobs I'd be all over demi cups! They're just so flattering!

See my fav here: Longline Bra

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: Athletic Breasts

Hey!–You and I babe! We're apart of the itty bitty titty committee! It took me a while to fully embrace my itty bitties, but I finally have! When it comes to an Athletic Breast we are talking less of a softer breast, and more of a muscular one. That being said it usually means that someone with Athletic breasts typically needs less support from a bra. Half the time I just use nip covers, tbh. BUT I do love having cute bralettes!

For athletic breasts bralettes fit best!

Show a little strap: Front Closure Wireless Bra

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: Bell Shape Breasts

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, we love bell shaped boobs!

Alright so having Bell Shaped Breasts means that you have more weight and soft tissue at the bottom of your breast than you do near the top. This makes you a great contender for balconette bras, a demi cup or something like a contour bra! These styles will offer support, comfort, and will leave you saying "damn girl, you lookin good!", when you look at yourself in your mirror!

Dress them up with this one: Longline Bra

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Breast Shape: Tear Drop Breasts

M'dear, your breasts are amazing! Tear Drop breasts see most of their weight in the lower half of the breast area. If you've found yourself wondering what the best bras for breast shape, Tear Drop edition are, we've got some great news! If you've got tear drops a nice plunge style type bra or demi-cup is a great fit!

I recommend Modern Match's Classic Contour, which gives you that nice plunging neckline, while providing support, and comfort. 

This will be your go-to: Classic Contour Bra

Now, now you are ready, babe! It's time to go find your perfect bra for your perfectly splendid bosom!

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