Best Bras for Breast Shape

Best bras for breast shape

Finding the best bras for breast shape

When bra shopping, knowing your bra size is essential, but making a selection based only on your size doesn't always lead to you wearing the right bra. Since no two sets of boobs are the same, understanding your body will help you to easily select bra styles that support and flatter your natural shape.

If you ever find yourself feeling confused as you scroll through product pages or browse the aisles of lingerie shops—and you wonder, "What's the best bra for my breast shape?" I'm here to give you clarity on this question that you and so many other women have too.

This article will help you find the best bra for your breast shape. You will learn about:

  • The 6 most common breast shape categories
  • Bra styles that work best with each breast shape

Let's take a look at the most common breast shape categories

Okay, so let's just state the obvious first—your boobs don't look like 2-D black line drawings! BUT just follow along with the images here as representations of what your breasts actually look like!

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are more common than you think they are! As a matter of fact an article by Healthline says that asymmetrical breasts are seen in almost 50% of all women, with most women having slight asymmetry where one breast is larger.

For asymmetrical breast shapes that are quite noticeable, you're going to want bras in which you are able to add padding; a padded bra cup for the one breast that is smaller will ensure you can push it upwards to simulate the fuller look of your larger breast. *Pro Tip: When finding the best bras for Asymmetrical breasts ensure that you are sizing for your larger boob. 

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for East West Breasts

East West...isn't that one of the Kardashian kid's names? Or maybe it was West East...North East...

If you've got East West breasts then your nipples face outwards, pointing east and west, or west and east depending where you're standing ; ) What you'll want is a bra that will help pull the breasts back towards the centre. So what are the best bras for breast shape when it comes to East West breasts?

The best bras–the ones that will leave them looking absolutely remarkable are contour bras. These will support your ladies while also centering them, and giving you an extremely flattering look.

I recommend: UpliftMe Contour Bra

Why does the UpliftMe Contour Bra work well with East West breasts?

The UpliftMeContour Bra contour bra will give East West breasts body-hugging support that brings the girls back together without sacrificing comfort. The ultra thin foam cups moulds to the body. Not only is this the perfect t-shirt bra, this bra is a great option for everyday to look and feel your best.

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Round Breasts

When it comes to Round Breasts, you've got it a little easier than the rest of us! Round breasts typically have evenly distributed fullness throughout the entire breast. Round breasts are quite unique as most bra shapes will work well for you! #Jealous #JK #YoureBlessed

While you literally can wear anything you want, if I had your type of breast shape, I'd be all over demi-cups! The demi bra is just so flattering for the round shape.

I recommend: Empowered Elegance Longline Bra

Why does the Empowered Elegance Longline Bra work well with Round Breasts?

If you've been wearing only full-cup bras and want to change it up, give the Empowered Elegance Longline bra's demi-cup a try to compliment your boob shape. You can wear this type of bra with a variety of outfits thanks to the versatile multiway straps. The longline band size creates smooth lines on your body.

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras Athletic Breasts / Smaller Breasts

Hey! You and I babe! We're a part of the itty bitty titty committee! It took me a while to fully embrace my itty bitties, but I finally have! When it comes to an Athletic Breast we are talking less of a softer breast, and more of a muscular one. That being said it usually means that someone with Athletic breasts typically needs less support from a bra. Half the time I just use nip covers, tbh. BUT I do love having cute bralettes!

For athletic breasts bralettes fit best!

I recommend: Effortless Embrace Wireless Bra

Why does the Effortless Embrace Wireless Bra work best for Athletic / Smaller Breasts?

The Effortless Embrace Wireless Bra is exactly as the name suggests! The medium support without any underwire is just right for athletic / smaller breasts, allowing you to wear from day to night. The sporty racerback is great for under sleeveless tops. The breathable material combats boob sweat and the front closure makes it easy to slip on & off. Designed for the woman living in a sports bra for comfort, this is the perfect bra to wear to the office, dog walking, coffee sipping, raising babies and traveling. 


Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Bell Shape Breasts

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, we love bell shaped boobs!

Alright so having Bell Shaped Breasts means that you have more weight and soft tissue at the bottom of the breast than you do near the top. This makes you a great contender for balconette bras, a demi-cup or something like a contour bra! These styles will offer support, comfort, and will leave you saying "damn girl, you lookin good!", when you look at yourself in your mirror!

I recommend: Empowered Elegance Longline Bra

Why does the Empowered Elegance Longline Bra work best for Bell Shaped Breasts?

The Empowered Elegance Longline Bra gives support and shape to Bell Shaped breasts. Since there's more breast volume towards the bottom of the bra, this bra's underwire will help create a nice contour, and the longline band style will provide extra comfort around the upper torso.

Best bras for breast shape

Best Bras for Tear Drop Breasts

M'dear, your breasts are amazing! Tear Drop breasts see most of their weight in the lower half of the breast area. If you've found yourself wondering which bra is best for the Tear Drop shape, we've got some great news! If you've got tear drops, a nice plunge style type bra or demi-cup is a great fit!

I recommend: UpliftMe Contour Bra

Why does the UpliftMe Contour Bra work well for Tear Drop Shaped Breasts?

The UpliftMe Contour Bra gives you that nice plunging neckline, while providing support and comfort. This plunge bra style with underwire and thin sculpting foam cups will help keep your breasts up and together, and create a beautiful smooth shape.

If finding the right bra has been a challenge for you, we hope you found this blog helpful to give you direction for your next bra shopping adventure. Now that you've learned about different breast shapes, it's time for you to determine your own breast shape! Don't be shy, go to the mirror, whip off your shirt, unhook your current bra and have a good look. Soon you'll be blissfully choosing the right bra without the guess work!

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