Most Comfortable Bra With Support

Most comfortable bra with support by Modern Match Lingerie

It's not easy to create.

Girl, I know why you’re here. You’re here for the very same reason that most women are here. Because we are tired of struggling to find a comfortable bra with good support that looks cute. Well sis, I am here to tell ya about the most comfortable bra with support. 
While we’re here though, I might as well tell you about the most comfortable *bras* with support, hey? ;) 
Okay but in all seriousness, you’re going to thank me SO much for helping you unlock this realm of comfy, sexy, and support.

Modern Match Lingerie Longline Bra

The Longline Bra is the most comfortable, supportive and sexy bra by Modern Match Lingerie

This is the original bra at Modern Match Lingerie. This is the first bra, Founder, Shauna Allan designed when she first started her mission to build a lingerie brand that would educate and empower women around the world.
This bra is the most comfortable bra with support and sexiness! Most longline bras are impractical due to their design, but not Modern Match's! You can tell they sat and pondered how to make this classic design fit into the modern woman’s life.
Boning in the band allows the Modern Match Longline Bra to lay flat against your body all day without the fear of having it roll up. Creating a comfortably feminine bra is no easy task, but Modern Match Lingerie has done it! The bra features non-itch lace allowing you to wear it comfortably all day while feeling the sexiest. The wide mesh band prevents any spillage or side boob situation from happening–AMAZING.
Lastly, the balconette cup allows for the perfect combo of support and lift for your boobies. I will tell you right now that is is my favorite bra because of its functionality and its sexy demeanor. It really is love at first Longline at Modern Match!

Modern Match Lingerie Contour Bra

the classic contour benefits

We all NEED a contour. It’s just the way life works, there are shirts that require it, and it’s the perfect bra to toss on when I am in a rush and don’t want to think twice about my undergarments. See, my world has been forever changed...a world where I don’t need to think before I grab my bras and panties–I already know they’ll be supportive, comfortable and fuel me with the confidence I need for the day.
This bra is the most comfortable bra with support and femininity! The lace band...oh my gosh, THE LACE BAND. It is SO pretty, so soft and stretchy!
The biggest thing for me when it came to searching for a lacey bra was that they were usually so itchy–I looked like a mad person itching my torso all day. I am so glad to have been able to find a bra that gives me that sprinkle of femininity without discomfort! The Ultra-stretch memory foam cups are great to help the bra mold to your boob, yes, I said "to help the bra mold to your boob!"–That’s another great perk about Modern Match Bras they’re made to mold to your body, and not the other way around!
I am pretty big on versatility, and if I am going to purchase a new bra I want to make sure it will cover as many outfits as possible and this one does, with its adjustable multi-way straps.

The Modern Match Lingerie Front Closure Wireless Bra

Front Closure Wireless Bra Benefits

Alright, ladies. This bra, mark my words, is life-changing.
The Modern Match Front Closure Wireless Bra is the most comfortable bra with support–without the hardware! I am addicted to this bra. On weekends, I really dress really dress down, haha. And just cause on the outside I don’t look put together...doesn't mean that I'm not on the inside. The Front Closure Wireless bra is my go to on those days because I still want to feel cute, but I need that extra comfort and support just in case in the middle of my Netflix binge I decide to hop in my car with my paddleboard and hit the lake.
The band is literally butter-soft and the power net is great to give my boobs shape, support and lift without the padding! Also, who doesn’t like front-closure bras? I mean, sometimes we don’t want to reach round back.

The Modern Match Lingerie Wire-Free Lace Bra

Wire Free Lace Bra Benefits

A deep V–without extra reinforcement–isn’t for every boob and that is okay! No one boob is the same...actually though...your right and left boobies are probably at least a smidge different than one another.
That being said, this bra offers the signature Modern Match comfort, support, and femininity. It's the most comfortable bra with support, and innovation by Modern Match Lingerie!
They saw a need to create a wire-free bra for women with breasts that tend to make unwanted appearances. The added spill prevention helps keep ‘the girls’ indoors all day. This is the perfect bra to hit the grocery store with, head to an outdoor BBQ with, or just binge a show in–in my professional opinion.
This is also the first Bra by the lingerie brand that is being offered in sizes XS-3XL which is awesome!
I know I was supposed to give you THEE most comfortable bra with support...but like I said above, our melons, oranges, and mandarin oranges are all so different, so these are the most comfortable bras with support depending on your style and breast shape.
Let me know which one is your absolute favorite and why in the comments below!


Veronica Beltran is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Modern Match Lingerie. She is also a former Journalist and News Anchor

Veronica Beltran - Is a part of the Digital Marketing Team at Modern Match Lingerie Team, previously she was a Journalist and News Anchor. On her spare time she enjoys reviewing lingerie, as well as creating social media content for her vegan social media accounts.

Connect with Veronica here.

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