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We've curated a list of the Top Ten Inspirational Females we think you need to follow on social media.

Strong, courageous, vulnerable, creative, empowering. At Modern Match Lingerie we celebrate women, all day, every day. As International Women's Day approached we asked ourselves how we could celebrate the amazing women that surround us, which is where the idea to create an interview series was born.

We decided to find five inspiring, and amazing babes to interview–you can find their individual interviews linked below–but we promised you ten. THEE top ten inspirational females you need to follow on social! Here's our final list of inspirational women we think you need in your life!




1. Jessamyn Stanley

We first found out about Jessamyn through a video by Forbes Magazine where she shared her story about becoming a yoga icon.

Her social media following began to climb when she started posting videos and photos tracking her yoga progress. After seeing how much positive feedback she was receiving she decided she'd become a certified yoga instructor. Through social media, Jessamyn shows how those who practice yoga are typically associated with one body type. Jessamyn is knocking down those assumptions and inspiring people near and far to ask themselves how they feel instead of asking themselves if they like how they look. Health is about how you feel.

We're obsessed with her which is why she made it onto our list of Top Ten Inspirational Women you need to follow on social.


2. Derya Azizian

Let me introduce you to Derya, the Kurdish Queen of Instagram. Now you either know who the Kurds are or you don't, and that's okay. Kurds are an Indigenous group of people in the Middle East, more specifically, stretching from Southern Turkey into Iraq and Iran. Derya, shakes things up, she's not afraid to be loud. When it comes to human rights, spirituality and overall female empowerment, she's a Queen.

Read our Modern Match Exclusive Interview with Derya!


3. Nicole Zajac

We bumped into Nicole on our search for inspirational women on social media, and actually ran into the post above. The cruelty in the message DM'd to her significant other, was completely unnecessary. What stood out to us was her caption, where she dissected the message and highlights the fact that as a society we need to stop basing our self worth on our appearance. 

Nicole is a friggen fierce QUEEN, and we love it. Thank you Nicole, for standing up for what's right and helping inspire a community of women from around the world. 



4. Shirley Tittermary

We chose to interview Shirley as part of our, Top Ten Inspirational Females project, because Shirley is authentically real. She doesn't lie about her struggles on social media, and she embraces the beauty of our body's evolution after baby. So if you find yourself struggling with body image after baby, Shirley's the mom you NEED to follow on Instagram!

Read our full interview with Shirley!


5. Jessica Poms

This LatinX babe is sharing her love for fashion while also sharing her day in the life of a mom with a daughter with high functioning autism.

While at first glance Jessica may seem all about fashion, she also uses her social platform to speak about her journey with her daughter. Jessica shares her insight with moms on how to raise a child with high functioning autism. An amazing mom and fashion influencer, defs one of the top ten inspirational females you need in your life!


6. Hayley Noelle

Hayley started on her social media journey sharing make-up looks and beauty tips with her followers. Since then her social media has evolved to also consist of self-love and body positivity posts. In an exclusive interview with us she tells us about some of the struggles she's faced being vulnerable on social media and how she's overcome them!

Read our full interview with Hayley here.



7. Arlyne

Treating yourself like you would treat your bestfriend is easier said than done. But this proud Latina babe is here to remind you, every single day, to treat yourself with the same respect and love you treat your bestie. Self-love is a constant journey one that even Arlyne is still on. She's a great babe to follow, as her reminders to show yourself kindness will help keep you in check.



8. Manon Barraud

Boobs, boobies, tits, tats, tatas, the girls–whatever you call them, they always stir up conversation. That's why when we ran into the account: guilty.illustrations

 on Instagram, we were immediately intrigued. I mean it was just boobs, boobs, EVERYWHERE, and us being us, well we were immediately all over it. Manon is almost as obsessed with boobies as we are!

She's found her voice in this world and titties have helped her share it. 

Read our full interview with Manon here!


9. Minna Lee

You're not in this alone. 

Minna shares her struggle of overcoming an eating disorder. As women, we've got it tough when it comes to body image and what society has told us is 'normal' and what isn't. The reality of the matter is that every body is 'normal,' every body is beautiful and they are all deserving of love. Minna reminds you of that through her self-love posts–her raw and authentic self shining through your phone screen every time she posts. She's an advocate for conscious living and will remind you of it through ever single one of her real and authentic posts.



10. Joke Meier

Ladies, ladies, ladies, aging is beautiful! You might not see it right now, but once you follow Joke Meier for a little while, you'll understand exactly why. She is the definition of empowerment when it comes to aging, which for some women can be a dreaded thought. What we love about Joke is that she shows you that it's a part of our evolution, as we grow within, we grow without as well. Time and age are beautiful when you look at them through the right lens. 

Read our interview with Joke.

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